Exploring Big Cypress National Preserve

On New Year’s Day we packed up and moved 112 miles southwest from our site in Lake Worth, FL to a Federal campground in Big Cypress National Preserve which borders Everglades National Park.  We chose this campground because of the very few in this area it has electrical hook-ups. The weather has been in the mid to high 80s and extremely humid. There is no shade here. One bad hair day after another for a girl who has naturally curly hair.  


On our first day here we went to the visitor center to get information about the area. One of the rangers gave us some great information about the best places to see the critters.

Wood Stork

This area is so remote there is no cell phone service or internet connection so we are communicating with the rest of the world as we go out and find service as we are sight seeing.  

We are amazed at the number of alligators and birds we see just driving along the highway. There are usually canals along one or both sides of the highway and those canals are teaming with alligators of all sized and the most amazing collection of birds. 

The past two days we have gone driving along the county maintained roads and like the highways they are lined with canals teaming with wildlife. 

Female Anhinga

Don’t know what variety of bird this is.

Great Blue Heron
Cattle Heron

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