Big Cypress National Preserve Camping

After 7 full days in the Florida Everglades we have returned to civilization. We moved yesterday and are now in a brand new, still under construction, RV park in Bonita Springs, Florida.  

The Everglades was interesting to say the least. We had record high temperatures with high humidity the entire time we were there but we got out every day and hunted for opportunities to photograph the wildlife. 

The alligators were on the far side of the canals the first day we went out but the second day we went earlier in the day and they were on the near side in the sun so we got a few better shots.

I really wanted to see some Roseate Spoonbills in person, or is that in bird? The last day we were out driving we spotted several along the main highway and were able to photograph them. Who doesn’t love a pink bird?

Here in another shot showing why they call them spoonbills. 
The grasses make a great backdrop for all the beautiful birds.
Now that we are in a place where it’s safe to step in the water I plan to take full advantage. There are miles and miles of beautiful beaches in the area. 

4 thoughts on “Big Cypress National Preserve Camping”

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  2. Those pictures were all about you Dizzy! I remember your request to take lots of photos and we did. And yes, I'm sure it's safe. I survived the water yesterday.

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