The Little RV Visits Saguaro National Park East

Saguaro Cactus

We had our first sightseeing outing the other day. We went to Saguaro National Park, something we have wanted to do for a long time. We didn’t realize there were two separate sections of the park, one on the west side of Tucson and one on the East side. 

Saguaro in bloom

Because it is spring many of the cacti are in bloom. They are nearly at the end of their blooming season but still very pretty.

Purple Cane Cholla

We arrived in the later afternoon in order to catch the evening lighting. 

There is just a short, 8-mile drive through the park, it’s very narrow, one way with sporadic turn-outs. 

They have many varieties of cactus including this prickly pear in beautiful bloom.

Saguaros are really interesting up close. 

A family of stair-step Saguaro children?

There is plenty of wild life in the park too. This quail blends in very well. 

We also saw a couple of ridiculously big rabbits but we didn’t get any photos because they move way to fast. 

Snagged photo from Pinterest

These things have to be at least two feet tall and half of that is ears. 

Birds enjoy the Saguaros too.

Sunset in Saguaro National Park…Beautiful!

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  1. Thanks Dizzy, These are about half Rob's and half mine. He gave me his old camera a couple of years ago. I use full automatic and gel lucky sometimes.

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