Glass, Crowds, New Friends, and Pups with the Little RV

We are currently in Elkhart, Indiana. We moved from our casino location in Michigan last Sunday so we could have the new circuit board installed in our rear air conditioner. It’s all done and functioning correctly.  I’ll say it… we’re happy campers. ?

With Memorial Day weekend coming up quickly we decided to stay put through the weekend so we could order some prescriptions and provisions from Amazon.   

The area of the campground we are parked in has been almost empty all week. Murphy and I have spend several enjoyable hours visiting with our only neighbors and their dogs. 

Murphy and Coconut

Unfortunately things changed yesterday when the holiday campers arrived. Now we’re neck deep in screaming kids, barking dogs and campfire smoke.  

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good campfire but there comes a time when enough smoke is enough.  

Lake Michigan

Wednesday I met a friend at Lake Michigan. She was kind enough to share her secret squirrel location for beach glass. It was a two hour drive each way but very worth it.  I’m told you can see the Chicago skyline from here if it’s a clear day. It was chilly and drizzly but not bad at all. 

It’s been a while since I spent that much time hunched over searching the sand. I could barely walk the next day. 

I’m fascinated by the rocks found in and around this lake. Some are smooth and flat, some are a conglomeration of many types of rock. The one above is fun. 

I was able to find lots of beach glass. I filled my jar and then some so I’m happy. I also made a new friend. That’s always a bonus. 

Here’s some exciting news! We have a new grand-dog! Christina and her family adopted a shelter dog named Sampson. He’s a Great Dane mix somewhere around 1 year old and is so sweet and gentle with our grandkids. 

Tiny and Sampson are having a moment. ?

Murphy can’t wait to get home and meet his new cousin.

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