Trip Cancelled – Boo!

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth but i did fall. I slipped on some ice in a motel parking lot in Medford, Oregon. I broke my arm during that fall. I did a fine job of the break too! 

After the fall I drove to an urgent care center and had it looked at. During all of this I was texting with my daughter. Once we knew what we were dealing with my Son-in-law flew from Portland to Medford, drove me back and took me to the ER.

The ER doctors set my fracture with this creepy, Chinese finger trap thing and splinted my arm with instructions to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP.

I ended up having to come back to Olympia to see a surgeon so I’m at my parent’s house being spoiled and Murphy is at my daughter’s house in Portland. 

I had surgery last Thursday to stabilize the fractures with a plate and screws. This is how it looks although this is not my arm.

I have decided to have my Airstream shipped up from Texas. It will give me a chance to get settled in while I’m having physical therapy. I think it’ll be here next week.

So, I’ll just be over here learning I am not in charge and to let people help me.

5 thoughts on “Trip Cancelled – Boo!”

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  2. What a bad break in more ways than one. Hope all turns out good for you . Do your rehab , get regrouped and hopeful be back on the road soon . Be safe ( I know little late )Vern in Boise

  3. Wow you can't catch a break. I hope your arm mends quickly and you can get back out there. Dealing with this so soon after losing Rob must have been very difficult!

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