Bridget the Airstream is Getting Some Work Done

Sunday was moving day for Bridget, Murphy, and me. We were on the road at 12:34 PM which is my absolute favorite time of day because it’s so orderly. Yes, I know that’s weird but hey, it’s me.

Ultimate Airstream reception desk

We drove to Portland and arrived at Ultimate Airstreams just in time to be let into the parking lot so I could drop the trailer off. Then I went to my daughter’s house where we are staying while the work is done. 

Monday morning I went back over to Ultimate Airstreams to finalize all the arrangements. I was there for quite a while. What a great business! They were very friendly and welcoming. I’m having a washer/dryer combination unit and a cabinet installed in the kitchen/living room area. 

This is what I’m having installed

I’m also having my upholstery redone. The stock cushions are not suitable for full-time living. The new cushions will be made with high-density foam and better quality vinyl that won’t stretch and is not slippery. 

My narrowed down swatch collection.

The big bonus in getting new cushions is I get to choose the color!

Pewter (left) and Granite (right)

Unfortunately my first choice of Pewter is out of stock so I decided on Granite with black stitching. 

Because I had to go back in and choose a different upholstery color today I got a chance to see the progress. The washer/dryer install will be finished on Friday. The new upholstery will be finished at the end of next week but I can just go in and get the cushions when they are finished. Two more days and I get my home back. 

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