Bridget is Looking Fabulous…on the Inside

Little by little everything is coming together for Bridget my little rolling home. My washer/dryer combination unit and cabinet have been installed. 

My new cushions have been installed as well. I love them. It completely changes the look in here. I really don’t do beige so I’m glad the old ones are gone. 

I absolutely love having a washer/dryer again. 

In a couple of days she goes to the dealer here in Portland for some maintenance. They are going to check the seal on all the seams, do a safety inspection on the appliances, adjust the entry door, add vent covers to the top and finally polish her. They’ll have her for two days. 

Between appointments we have been staying in Troutdale, OR along the Sandy River. 

Mom! Take me with you!

We also had a brush up lesson with our dog trainer which has helped so much with Murphy’s leash pulling and some other incredibly annoying things he’s been doing. 

We’ll be here for another 10 days or so and then we’ll head southwest. I need some beach time and I have some family to meet.

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