How Not to Back Your Airstream Into a Tight Space

After leaving Oregon we headed for the Sacramento area. My main reason for stopping there was to see these two wonderful people. 

Rob and I met Pete and Linda in San Antonio, Texas at an RV park. We were wedged in so tight Pete wasn’t comfortable putting their slide out all the way.  That started a conversation and a friendship.

They came to meet Murphy and see Bridget up close and personal. Then we went to dinner. It was so good to see them again. Sometimes you just bond with people and we did. 

Accidentally parked under this light, ugh!

It was hot while I was there. Mostly in the upper 80s. After a couple of days it was time to head for our next destination, Pleasanton, CA.  

The drive was really easy and quick. Check-in is where things went south. I had selected a spot based on my experience backing Bridget which is very limited. The campground gave my space to someone else and moved me to a tight little spot mid row. There are disadvantages to having a small rig it seems. 

This is not one of those campgrounds where the little man or woman comes by on a golf cart and escorts you to your site and directs you as you back in. Nope! Here you are on your own and since I’m on my own I was a tad nervous about wedging Bridget’s shiny hiney into our space but I started maneuvering anyway.  

I’ll just cut to the chase. The road was narrow, there were cars parked everywhere and there was simply not enough room. When all was said and done I had to ask someone to move his car. He offered to direct me which was such a relief. But I also managed to catch one of the marker lights on the slide of the brand new, half million dollar motor coach in the next space.  

The damage to their rig was a large scratch for which they got an estimate and I have taken care of the cost. This couple was fantastic. So kind and forgiving. He said, “I may be the next one to make a mistake.”

Bridget got the rougher end of the deal. Her marker light got torn off and was hanging by the wiring and she got dented. She had dimples now, like me.

I have since replaced the light and pulled some of the dent out with a pneumatic dent puller. I need someone with more muscle to help me get the dent smoothed out more.

The very next day I dropped my phone face down in the gravel and shattered the screen. Needless to say I had to replace it.

My washer/dryer has been giving me fits basically since I got it. It’s overheating, set off my smoke detector, sends up error messages, making an awful grinding noise when it dries and another equally awful thumping noise when it spins the water out.

After getting the run around from the manufacturer I contacted Ultimate Airstreams (the ones who installed it) and they have been such a help getting things resolved. 

A repair person came out from San Francisco and deemed the machine irreparable. Ultimate Airstreams in Portland is installing a replacement machine for me on the 3rd of December.  

The fires around Chico have caused serious air quality problems in the Bay area. It sure made for some pretty sunrises and sunsets. 

I started the trip home today. More to come!

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  2. OK first thing you do is take the keys out of the ignition drop them on the floor
    Get a bottle of water
    then you go from mile walk in the woods and stand there.
    drink your bottle of water
    Then you walk a mile back to the clubhouse
    See how easy that was. Congratulations you didn't bumps scrape bend or twist anything
    But maybe you've worked up an appetite so have a joyus happy Thanksgiving

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