No Power To The RV On The Oregon Coast

When we left off last post Murphy and I were in Coos Bay, Oregon. I did indeed replace my power cord and 50 to 30 amp adapter and have not had any power problems since then. 

no power

The main reason we went to Coos Bay was to visit with family. Rob’s niece, Jennifer lives near there and we had never met. She has very fond memories of her Uncle. 

Jennifer, her husband Matt, and their daughter came by to see Bridget the Airstream, meet Murphy, and take me to dinner one evening. We had a great dinner and lots of visiting. Unfortunately, Jennifer caught a nasty bug and we didn’t get together again. I promised I’d be back through there and we spend more time together.

We had some rain over the next few days but some incredibly beautiful weather too. 

Murphy and I spent some time scouting beaches and places to take pictures. I enjoyed the beautiful views. 

I took a ton of photos that are safely trapped in Rob’s old camera. Apparently, it’s different than my camera. Eventually, I’ll figure out how to get them out. 

While we were in town I had the Ford dealership add towing mirrors to the truck. I had some that were removable but they vibrated a lot. Now that the mirrors have been installed the truck had been named… Dumbo!

Halloween morning we were set to head for California so we got up early and started getting ready. It was raining and windy. It’s no fun hooking up in the rain.

The drive wasn’t awful but it rained the rest of the way through Oregon. I’m learning more and more about my truck and how it handles. It makes me feel somewhat more confident. I have to say, I5 is a breeze compared to those narrow back roads.

Next up, California

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