Bridget the Airstream in Search of Sun

Hi!  It’s been an awfully long time, hasn’t it? 

I left Oregon to begin my winter trip on January 13th. I got a really late start that day and stayed in Eugene where I woke to 24 degrees, a frozen water hose, and icy roads. 

After the sun came out and it warmed up I headed south. We did a long day that day and stopped well after dark. 

Mt. Shasta

The next morning was really windy and rainy but we arrived at our destination and set up in the pouring rain. 

Standing water in my campsite

We had a tremendous amount of rain while I was in the Bay Area. It was time to get moving to dryer pastures. 

I waited until the mountain passes were clear and started out for the Palm Springs area. 

Approaching one of the mountain passes on the way to Palm Springs

It was a two day trip and I did not have any reservations so I had my fingers crossed. I was able to find a space 

I’m in the Palm Springs, California area. I’ve been in search of sun for weeks with poor results. It’s sunny here and we are really enjoying ourselves. 

I was able to get my truck and trailer hand washed for $60 if you can believe that. Look how pretty Bridget is! 

This park has two fenced dog parks. One for small dogs and the other for the big dogs! Murphy loves the dog park! 

Next post I’ll tell you about some of the great things to do in this area. 

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