I’m Sure You’re Curious About the Saltan Sea

I mentioned Murphy and I are camping at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area near Mecca, CA, and about 40 miles from Palm Springs. 

There’s a whole lotta nothin’ out here. Just the way I like it. This is the view of my side windows. Morning coffee while looking at this view is awesome.

I’ve wanted to visit this place for several years. It’s fascinating.  I almost changed my mind about coming here because every time I mentioned it to someone in the campground I was previously I would get these looks like I have 7 eyes or comments like, “I’ve never heard anything good about the Salton Sea”.  Someone even told me it had completely dried up. 

Well people, I love it here and I’m going to stay even longer!! Yesterday was a great day for some picnic table sunning and coloring. 

Fun facts about the Salton Sea

  • The Salton Sea is 236 feet below sea level. 
  • It does not stink. At least not during my visit. 
  • The beautiful, white “sand” is primarily fish bones and barnacles. 

  • It’s huge! It stretches nearly 35 miles long and 15 miles wide.
There is plenty of room for Murphy to run off-leash here. He’s always happy tearing up the terrain, chasing rabbits, or trying to eat things he shouldn’t. There are plenty of those around here. 
Check out the rows of teeth on this fish.   
If you want to read a bit more about the Salton Sea click this link.

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  1. The sun just feels so good. Even if it's cold just having that bright sun makes everything better. Enjoy your new home. I'm hoping to come your way after winter.

  2. I could use a little sunshine. Back from snowy Iowa, big snow fall expected in Santa Fe tomorrow. It would be so nice to open a window in the house! Safe travels!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I saw the Fountain of Youth Spa on one of my adventures. It's out there… I also saw a pack of coyotes (the 4 legged kind) on that same road.

  4. Glad you are enjoying yourself. The Salton Sea is beautiful. The only time it smells is if there is a heavy wind that blows towards you. It stirs up all of the dead fish and the smell comes to the surface and then blows in the air.If you are looking for somewhere to stay for a little while near there, we have stayed at the Fountain of Youth Spa. They have lovely mineral hot pools and have a great community with dances, breakfasts etc if you decided you need some socialization in a safe place. Our blog is kastlejourney.blogspot.com We have been full-timers for 6 years until a year ago. Can't wait to head back out on the road this fall though as we miss the desert.

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