RVing in Search of Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets

After our time in El Paso, we pulled on to I-10 and began a marathon drive toward central Texas. I always forget just how big Texas is until I drive here. It’s 854 miles from one side to the other. 

We ended up in Fredericksburg but could only stay four nights because it was spring break. 

This area of Texas is called the Hill Country for obvious reasons. It’s green with rolling hills and lots of trees. One of the reasons I wanted to come here is because it’s time for the beautiful Texas wildflowers to bloom. 

We were too early for the wildflowers in Fredericksburg but we met new friends. Pam and Mike from California. They were a few spaces down from us and we ended up going to dinner one evening. Great people and so much fun to chat with. See you down the road, Pam and Mike!

After some searching, I discovered the flowers are in bloom south of San Antonio. The trick was finding a place that isn’t full of spring breakers. That’s a tall order. Since I’m ultimately heading for the Gulf coast I decided to look between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. 

Bridget is dead center in this photo.

I ended up in the little town of Pleasanton. The flowers are in bloom and they are incredible. My photos don’t do them justice. 

Indian Paintbrush

The weather has been warm and dry but pretty gray. The flowers are in bloom and I’ve been driving the backroads looking for fields of blooms.

White Prickly Poppy

There are dozens of species of wildflowers here but these are a few of the most common. 

Wild Phlox

Almost without exception, the flowers are in fields separated from the road by a barbed wire fence so I can’t get very close but when I can I try to get closeups of the flowers. 

Pink Evening Primrose

Next up, fields of Texas wildflowers. But here’s a tease.

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  1. Crazy beautiful! If you go by Beeville, Texas, give it a wave for me. My father was stationed at NAS Beeville when I was in elementary school. We lived in a haunted house while we were there! Safe travels!

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