A Tough Driving Day in Utah

After leaving Green River, Utah we headed for Bryce Canyon City, Utah to visit Bryce Canyon National Park. I expected much cooler temperatures because of the elevation. 

The drive started out absolutely beautiful with warm and sunny weather. I had checked the forecast and it all looked good until it wasn’t. 

Very suddenly the sky turned gray and the two cars in front of me slid off the road and rolled multiple times on opposite sides of the freeway.

I was able to stop and pull off the road without incident but it wasn’t easy and I did slide some. I think the fact that I was going about 65 MPH and they were going the speed limit which was 80 MPH and the weight of my vehicle helped. Perhaps there was some divine intervention? 

I called 911 who had already dispatched emergency services. They kept me on the phone for some time asking questions and by the time I got off the line the first responders were there. 

I was really rattled for the rest of the day and I still had a long way to go. 

There had been a sudden hail storm and it fell fast enough to make the road an ice rink for just a few minutes. By the time I took off again some 30 minutes later it was clear and wet. 

There were 9 people total in the two cars and the only injury was a head laceration. Incredible. 

Onward to Bryce Canyon City. I took it slow and easy but it was pretty nice the rest of the drive. When I arrived at the campground there was a good bit of snow on the ground and the sky was turning very gray. I got set up just in time for the snow to start falling. 

Murphy loved the snow. He was frisky as a pup. 

It got down to 6 degrees that night and the floor was so cold the next morning. 

Murphy turned 4 on Monday the 22nd. He’s the best buddy a girl could have. Happy Birthday Murphy!

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  1. That definitely is something I would call God's gracious intervention,I'm glad you and Murphy are OK,and commend you for having the wisdom to drive slowly and safely. -Mary

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