Mesa Verde National Park, Simply Stunning

After a few days in El Paso, we began our 684-mile trek north to Green River, Utah. 

When I discovered my route would take me through the southwest corner of Colorado I decided to take a couple of days and see Mesa Verde National Park. I’d never been to this park and was really excited to spend time there. 

I personally think national parks are not very dog-friendly and poor Murphy had spent a lot of time riding in the truck so I left him home to snooze for the afternoon. 

I entered the park late in the afternoon. It’s about a 45-minute drive from the park entrance before you actually see any of the cliff dwellings but the scenery along the way is just beautiful. 

This was the first vista point for the cliff dwellings. It’s a little trek from the road down a path to an overlook but it was so worth it. 

It’s hard to imagine how these people from ancient times were able to accomplish building these cities in the cliffs of this area with no modern technology.

As I drove along there were places to stop and view multiple dwelling sites throughout the park.

Parts of the park were closed because I arrived so late in the day.

After the long drive out of the park and back to the campground I was greeted by this beautiful sunset…

…and Murphy. 

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0 thoughts on “Mesa Verde National Park, Simply Stunning”

  1. Hi Ed,
    Welcome! I just saw your comment for the first time. I really want to boondock but I just haven't yet. Next trip out I plan to give it a try!

  2. Hi Juley! I'm new to your blog. Arches is one of our favorites. Although it looks like you are set up for boondocking, I'm thinking maybe you dont. We usually boondock when in Moab. One place is just north of the park entrance about 5 miles up the highway, on the same side of the highway as Arches. Very convenient. And at the south end of town, at the Maverick station is free water for filling your RV, and free dump.

  3. Sandy, You are my hero. Talk about a tough cookie!!
    When you go, plan ahead so you can do the tours. Apparently they fill up really fast.
    Still pondering those books.

  4. We will have to visit Mesa Verde some time! I never tire of seeing the ancient dwellings and am equally amazed at what was built by hand with nothing but man power. Thank you for continually sharing your adventures. You are my hero!

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