Winslow Arizona and Heading For Home

After leaving Albuquerque we spent our first night back on the road at the Meteor Crater RV Park just west of Winslow, AZ. It’s super handy off I-40 and I knew I wouldn’t have to disconnect the truck and trailer. 

I also love that Route 66 is right outside the gate and I can walk Murphy off-leash there. It’s just my kind of place. 

The next morning we left Winslow and headed toward Las Vegas. I wanted to stay at Lake Mead for a night because it’s so pretty there. I didn’t bargain for the heat. 

It was 96 degrees at Lake Mead. Way to hot for this girl. However, I did get to try out my heated/cooled seats in the new truck. Oh my goodness. Cooled seats, where have you been all my life. 

The next morning we got out of Dodge. I completely winged this whole trip so far so I looked at the weather and decided to head directly North into Utah. 

I found a campground in Beaver, Utah that looked nice and booked two night. We drove almost 800 miles in three days and we were just done. 

Beaver is a beautiful place. All the green and mountains made me feel right at home. The B on the mountain really reminded me of where I grew up in Bonner, Montana. We had one just like that. 

Beaver is very much dairy country. There’s even a creamery in town. Of course, I had to visit and sample. 

After two nights in Beaver, we continued north and ended our day in Tremonton, Utah about an hour north of Salt Lake City. I knew several days of rain were on the way so I booked three nights.

It was nice to have some time to relax but this morning it was time to move again. We did about 300 miles today and are just on the Idaho/Oregon border. It won’t be long before I’m tucked into my daughter’s driveway. 

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