Ramping Up for My Next Adventure

I’m heavy into the planning phase of my next adventure. I’ll be leaving here in early September. As always, my first stop will be Portland. I’ll spend a few days there getting some things done and saying goodbye for now to my daughter and her family. 

This will be a long trip of more than 10,000 miles towing. I plan to head east across the northern states ending up in Maine then down to Connecticut and Rhode Island to visit family, later on to New Jersey and Virginia to visit friends. After that, I’m heading down the eastern seaboard for October. I will be working in as much beach and shelling time as possible. 

November 1st will find us in The Florida Keys for a month. December is entirely up in the air, but I’m looking for a spot in Florida near saltwater. So much beach, so little time. 

I’m not excited about being away from my family during the holidays, but it isn’t feasible to wait until January to go all the way to Florida. This also adds another level of preparation to my list. I’d like to do my Christmas shopping and leave wrapped gifts behind so I don’t have to ship them. 

Photo Credit to Libby Trostle

My last big stop on the way home next summer will be to attend the week-long, 2020 Airstream International Rally in Loveland, Colorado. They say there will be over 700 Airstreams in attendance. A group of women Airstreamers is also planning a pre-rally rally. It’s a twofer. I’ve never participated in a rally before. This will be intense for the introvert in me. 

This month will be filled with preparation, sorting, purging, vet and groomer visits, medical appointments, vehicle service, new tires for Bridget, and the list goes on. Wish me luck! 

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