Loving Michigan

Michigan never disappoints. 

Each and every time I’ve been to Michigan, I have loved it. I’d like to stay longer, but I want to visit Maine, and I have a reservation in Florida for November. Gotta go tomorrow!

Michigan is two parts, the Upper Peninsula (UP) and the part that looks like a mitten. My first night here in this beautiful state was in Escanaba, which is part of the UP. I stayed one night at a Fairgrounds. Gotta love those fairgrounds campgrounds. 

Unfortunately, the dump station was flooded due to very heavy rains. So, my gray water and I hit the road. 

Beautiful sunset at the casino in St. Ignace.

Next stop, St. Ignace. We dry camped in a casino parking lot. They have a dump station, so I was able to empty my tank. I didn’t unhook the truck and trailer at either of these locations. They were just pitstops on the way to my true destination. 

The next morning I was excited to tow Bridget over the Macinac Bridge. There was construction on the bridge and it was down to one lane but it was as beautiful up there as I remember it. 

The Mighty Mac, taken by Rob, my late husband, in 2014

My goal for this visit to Michigan was to find Petoskey stones. On previous visits, I hunted for beach glass and other interesting rocks but Petoskey stones weren’t really on my radar. 

I did some research and decided to camp in the area of Traverse City. The beaches around this area are good for hunting Petoskey stones. Also, Murphy really needed a good grooming and Traverse City has several options for that. 

Our second day in the area was a beautiful, sunny day so we headed out in search of a rocky shore to hunt the elusive treasure. 

So, so Petoskey stone front and back

You don’t see a lot of rocks on this beach but the other direction there was a really rocky point perfect for my hunt. 

Better Petoskey stone front and back.

There were a couple of other people hunting also but they left and Murphy and I had the whole beach to ourselves. Heaven!

The prize-winning Petoskey stone front and back!

I found a total of six Petoskey stones. Only one of them is really nice but I love them all. 

So now I’m hauling rocks around! 

Ohio here we come!

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