Our Next Adventure Begins Tomorrow

This morning I was walking Murphy and really noticed the signs of Fall approaching. The leaves are starting to turn gold and three flocks of Canada Geese flew overhead honking away. We won’t think about the number of rather large spiders I have found in and on Bridget recently. 

Sandy River, Troutdale, Oregon
Preparations are complete. I have nine new tires, and a freshly swapped out washer/dryer. My truck is as ready as I can possibly make it. I have what I need to boondock in the middle of nowhere and plan to give it a try when I get to Grand Teton National Park just a few days from now. 
Speaking of my truck, I have named him Max. It took a while but for some reason, that name kept coming to mind and it just stuck. So, Max and Bridget it is!
Troutdale, Oregon
Today is our last day in Troutdale which is just outside Portland, Oregon. I’ll spend part of it visiting with my daughter and her family then we’ll come home and get hitched up and ready to go. Tomorrow is a pretty short day with only 175 miles planned and a two-night stay along the Columbia River in Eastern Washington. 
I have a general trip route planned which I posted it earlier. These days it seems I like to fly by the seat of my pants when I’m traveling so we’ll see how closely I stick to my plan.

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