South Dakota to Michigan, A Catch Up Post

We arrived in South Dakota after a very long driving day. Murphy was getting really restless in the back seat.  I happened to notice a nearly empty RV park beside the freeway, so we stopped for the night. 

Confession Time: Since Rob passed away, I rarely watch or listen to the news, and I have decreased my TV watching by at least 50%.  I can’t handle all the negativity and keep my head in the right place. 

I wasn’t aware of the tremendous amounts of rain they had had in the planes and midwest. The sheer number of mosquitoes took me entirely by surprise. I was desperately trying not to breathe them into my nose. 

Mosquitoeville, SD

We checked in, moved to our site, and got out to get level and hook up the utilities and got swarmed immediately. It was so bad I only hooked up the essentials and we raced inside. Walking Murphy required copious amounts of Deep Woods Off, and I still got multiple bites each time. 

Needless to say, we got out of Dodge first thing in the morning. We were heading for Minnesota. 

Along the way, there was clear evidence of flooding. One spot along I90 still had water over the roadway, lane closures, and a flagger. 

We ended up in a Blue Earth, Minnesota. Home of the Jolly Green Giant Statue. 

If you’ve been following along you know backing the trailer into a site terrifies me. However, I did put my big girl panties on and choose a place with only back-in sites. I looked at the satellite view before deciding, so I knew there was a lot of room to maneuver. I’m happy to report, I parked with ease. I only had to pull forward and adjust twice. 

We stayed at this little fairgrounds campground for two nights. 

There was a collection of historic buildings near us that were moved onto the fairgrounds to form a little town. 

The weather was hot and humid, and the mosquitoes were present, but nothing like we experienced in South Dakota. 

And then we were off to Oakdale, Wisconsin. We really only spent the night and were off to Michigan. I love Michigan. 

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