Best RV Camping in Maine Near Acadia National Park

Updated February 2022

If you’re on the fence about RV camping in Maine, do it! You won’t be sorry. Maine is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. From visiting Acadia National Park to the local lobster pound, you’ll enjoy these rich Maine experiences.

I’ve been to Maine twice and I hope to go again someday. On my first trip, I was really expecting more forest and moose but ended up with charming little coastal villages and lots of beaches. We didn’t venture inland much but we will another time.

RV Camping in Maine
Kennebunkport, Maine

RV Camping in Maine

Our first campground was Yankeeland RV Resort in West Kennebunk. It’s just a few miles from the beach and tourist destinations this late in the season, it was very quiet. The campgrounds in this area button-up for the winter in mid-October so things were winding down.

My first goal when I arrive in Maine is to get my hands on some lobster so I head for the local lobster pound.

what is a lobster pound

What is a Lobster Pound?

On my first trip to Maine, I kept seeing signs for Lobster Pounds. I wondered where the term lobster pound came from so I did some research and found that lobster pounds are basically a seawater holding area for the lobsters. They are generally near the shore and can be reached easily at low tide.

This term eventually came to encompass the holding pens as well as the retail part of the establishment where you can purchase lobster.

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound Boiling Pots

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound in Trenton, Maine is my favorite. Clearly many other people feel the same because it’s tricky to get a parking spot sometimes. They cook your live lobster outside in large pots of filtered seawater. A visit to the lobster pound is an experience as well as a great meal.

Inside you place your order at the counter. You can select your own lobster or just request a specific size range and they’ll choose for you. They weigh the lobsters and give you an order sheet. Then they place the lobster(s) in a boiling bag with a number on it.

lobster bags

To finish placing your order, request your sides and pay for your order. The staff take your bag of lobster and drop it into one of the pots boiling away outside. Once they are finished cooking, they pull your bag from the pot, call your number and you can either eat there or take your order to go.

I also got some extra lobster pre-frozen in airtight packages for later. Don’t judge me.

lobster on a plate

Because we wanted to stay a few additional days and our RV park was closing for the season, we moved to Narrows Too Camping Resort. Narrows Too is located on Penobscot Bay and was going to stay open for just a few more days.

Camping Near Acadia National Park

One of my priorities for this trip was to visit Acadia National Park. For that portion of the trip, we stayed at Timberland Acres RV Park in Ellsworth which is near Bar Harbor and Acadia. What a beautiful time of year at this campground. The leaves were turning and it was mostly warm and sunny during the day.

Timberland Acres

Acadia National Park is broken into three separate sections. you can ferry across to Schoodic Peninsula, but I choose to drive around. It’s about 45 miles and the drive is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t go to Isle au Haut.

Acadia National Park is surrounded by saltwater. It’s wild, rocky, and incredibly beautiful. I got up really early one morning and drove through the easternmost section of the park. Two days later, I drove through the larger section of the park.

Acadia National Park

We had every type of weather possible during our visit to Maine. There was bright sun, high winds, rain, and even ice.

Acadia NP

Sadly, the season came to a close and the RV parks shuttered for the season. We had to go but plan to go back someday. It’s a beautiful place Go!

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