3 Broward County RV Parks – My Honest Reviews

Updated January 2022

During the month of December, I stayed in three separate Broward County RV parks. I hadn’t intended to stay in Florida after my month in the Keys but my friend asked me to stay longer and helped me find places to camp. December, January, February, and March are the busiest months in Florida due to the influx of snowbirds from Canada and others from the US.

I was fortunate enough to discover Broward County Parks has RV campgrounds in four of their parks. These are beautiful parks with full hookups and plenty of space at most sites.

December is a hard month for me and I knew when I choose to leave my family behind and travel all winter, there would be some hard days.

broward county rv parks
TY Park

Broward County RV Parks – TY Park

My first stay was at TY Park in Hollywood, Florida. The official park name is Topeekeegee Yugnee Park. You can see why they call it TY. My site was a really nice, level pull-through. Almost all of the sites at TY are pull-through sites and are very long.

Be aware, most of the sites have the sewer connection at the very back end. I needed four lengths of sewer hose to reach the connection.

The lake at TY Park

The park itself is huge so there are limitless options for exercise and other activities. There are miles of walking or biking paths, a fitness facility, fishing, and even a water park. You’d never know you’re in the middle of a big city.

Cuban Coffee

The first weekend I was here my friend took me to meet his family and then we went to his favorite Cuban restaurant. He introduced me to Cuban coffee. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

My tiny Christmas tree.

Because I was so late to the party and had no advance reservations, I was had to move a few times over the weeks I was in the Miami area.

My reservation at TY was from December 4th through the 17th. That meant I’d have to move on my birthday. That made me sad because I love my birthday and moving wasn’t what I had in mind. I was able to extend my reservation for a couple of more days and relocated on the 22nd instead. That’s the anniversary of my late husband’s death and a good day to move because it kept me busy. My friend was off work that day so he helped me move and get set up.

Broward County RV Parks – Easterlin Park

We got my Airstream wedged into her tiny, back-in space at Easterlin Park in Oakland Park, Florida, and prepared to wait out the next few days. The forecast called for a lot of rain. I had another reservation lined up at TY park starting on Christmas day.


Murphy is such a trooper. He’s almost always calm and quiet until there is a squirrel or some other critter. Then he uses all the strength in his 80-pound body to move me wherever he wants to go. This new park is full of critters.

Easterlin Park has fewer amenities and is smaller. It was my least favorite of all the parks.

When we woke up the next morning after a full night of heavy rain nearly the entire campground was flooded. The only dry spot on our site was under the trailer.

As you can see, my portable satellite antenna drowned that night. It’s the white dome by the truck. I now have a stand for my satellite antenna to keep it up out of the water.

Instead of walking murphy that morning, we went wading. Everywhere we tried to walk ended abruptly in deep, standing water. It took a full 36 hours for the water to recede enough for a dry walk and the mosquitoes were relentless. I was so glad when it was time to move.

Murphy got a new gnome for Christmas and he won’t put it down.

Broward County RV Parks – CB Smith Park

Our next move was on New Year’s Eve. We moved the short distance to CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines. What a great park. There’s a lake here as well and the campground is in a separate area from the rest of the park which makes it quieter.

CB Smith Park

CB Smith is huge at almost 300 acres and has so much to offer in terms of activities including batting cages, a water park, pickleball, and more. Check out their site for details.

Giant Iguana
Big Daddy Iguana

Out stay at CB Smith was perfection. The weather was gorgeous, our neighbors were very nice and the park was a pleasure. We had some unseasonable cool weather and were warned to “watch out for falling iguanas“.

When the temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s, iguanas systems slow down and they become mobile. Since they like to sleep in trees, they fall to the ground. Once the temperatures warm up enough they recover.

There were falling iguanas on the ground one morning after a particularly cold night but by late morning they had warmed up and gone about their business.

We were lucky enough to be staying at CB Smith park when the Chili Cookoff took place. We thought a chili cookoff was no big deal but this one was not just any chili cookoff. This one had a top-name country music lineup performing on stage right there in the park. We were able to sit outside and hear the music from across the lake without dealing with the crowds. We heard Kane Brown, Eli Young Band, and Old Dominion just to name a few.

Getting a site in these parks at the last minute is unlikely these days so try to book as far in advance as possible. If it’s short notice, call the park daily and ask if there have been any cancellations. That’s how I was able to get my reservations.

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Enjoy your stay in Broward County RV Parks!

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