North Florida Camping – Historic Saint Augustine

Updated January 2022

After spending months in South Florida and The Keys, we are back in the northern part of the state. North Florida camping for me means a stop in beautiful, historic Saint Augustine.

North Florida Camping – Saint Augustine

north florida camping

We were sad to leave the Miami area but the weather was getting a bit too warm and muggy for me so off we went. Saint Augustine was our first stop. We had terrible weather because a cold front hit the area the day we arrived. It was cold, windy, and rainy enough to keep us cooped up inside.

I always look for community dog parks so Murphy can run off-leash and get some exercise. We found a beautiful dog park in the area. It was huge but also very muddy from all the rain.

This is what he looked like when I loaded him into the truck after his romp. He had such a great time but then he needed a bath. I used the outside shower on my Airstream to bathe him.

Dirty Doggie

We managed to squeeze in a short visit to Anastasia State Park. Along the way, we happened upon this beautiful, shaded street lined with oaks and Spanish moss.

I was impressed by the oyster beds at Anastasia State Park. They went on forever. We also saw some birds like this grumpy-looking guy.

On the stormiest day, I called the office to see if we could extend our stay for another night. Unfortunately, the park was completely booked and we had to move on to our next destination.

I headed outside to hitch up and break camp in the driving rain. As miserable as that was, the weather improved as we moved inland.

North Florida Camping – Marianna

Our destination for the next few days was this lovely RV park in Marianna, Florida. Marianna is on the panhandle near the Florida Alabama border.

We stayed at Florida Caverns RV Resort. I really enjoyed this park. The new owners are working on new sites and making the park an improved, updated place. There are plenty of walking areas and you can even fish off the dock.

It was cold the first night we were there. The temperature dropped to 29 degrees. After spending months in south Florida and The Keys, north Florida camping was an adjustment.

Our first morning in Marianna was absolutely gorgeous. I must have taken over one hundred pictures. The steam coming off the water and the colors made for some lovely photos. It was cold and clear, perfect for a brisk walk.

Keeping a water dog away from the water is a difficult task. I think Murphy was contemplating whether to obey the sign.

From the turtles sunning themselves on a log to the Spanish Moss hanging from the tree to the cypress knees, it all felt very southern. 

Cypress Knees

There is plenty to do around the Marianna area.

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