My Favorite Orange Beach Campgrounds

Updated January 2022

Of all the Orange Beach campgrounds, my favorite is Pandion Ridge. I’ve stayed at this resort three times and I keep coming back. There is so much to do in the area. The beaches are beautiful, the seafood is fabulous, and there are some fun and quirky things to see nearby.

Orange Beach Campgrounds – Pandion Ridge

orange beach campgrounds

Pandion Ridge RV Resort is only 1.5 miles from the beach and three miles from a great dog park. We made use of the dog park daily and made friends with the locals there.

Murphy (right) at the dog park with Blaze

The dog on the left is Blaze, an English Cream Golden Retriever. Murphy’s father is the same breed and looks exactly like Blaze. The same crowd was at the dog park daily and was very welcoming and friendly.


One afternoon Murphy and I went to see some of the local sights I found online. We went to Elberta, Alabama, just 17 miles north.

orange beach campgrounds

My destination was this Stonehenge replica which has been named Bamahenge. Bamahenge is a full-size replica of the original Stonehenge. Bamahenge was built in 2004 but was constructed with fiberglass rather than stone. There is a small parking area and it’s just a quick, easy walk from the road.

bamahenge satellite image
Satellite view of Bamahenge

This is my third Stonehenge replica. I was privileged enough to visit the real thing about 20 years ago when we were visiting England for my late husband’s work.

The other replicas I’ve visited are Foamhenge in Virginia and Texas.

Changing Plans and is Stonehenge in Texas?

Here’s a shot with Murphy for scale. These fiberglass “stones” are massive. We had a great walk around, noted some trails toward the back of the field. There was nobody else there so I let Murphy run off-leash for a while.

Barber Marina

We found a few other interesting sights near Bamahenge. All of these attractions are found on the 800-acre grounds of Barber Marina. It’s such fun to drive through the property and see these hidden gems in every nook and cranny.

The road continues by the dinosaurs and into the marina entrance. These dinosaurs could be seen from the road.

You can see on the map below, there are several things to stop and take a look at. This would be a great place for kids to run around and burn off some energy.

This beautiful authentic Italian Renaissance fountain is just one of the beautiful sculptures found on the grounds.

There is a giant, metal spider sculpture on the way into the marina.

The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake was my favorite unexpected find of the day. Sadly she’s no longer there as she was badly damaged in a storm in May 2021. Perhaps someday they can repair her and get her back into the water.

She is 50 feet long and was built on a platform so she could be removed with a crane to keep her looking fresh and lovely.

Walking along the marina moorage area is beautiful too. There are sculptures here and there, and of course, the water view is beautiful.

If you’re looking for a free activity for people of any age, this is a great option. Check it out if you’re in the area.

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