The Dilemma of a Full-Time RVer During a Global Pandemic

Every day this global pandemic seems to hit the US harder, resulting in new restrictions and closures by the minute. Yesterday I decided I need to leave New Orleans because if things really shut down and I can’t move around, this is not where I want to be.

Ponchartrain Landing RV Resort, New Orleans, LA

So what am I going to do?

At this point, aside from moving closer to home, I don’t know what to do. I’m 2,600 miles from home in Washington State. This is not a drive I can make quickly. Towing a trailer takes concentration, and being rested, and alert is absolutely necessary.

Oak Alley Plantation

My family has gently encouraged me to bee-line home. Some have even offered to come to me and help with the driving so I can cover more miles. I absolutely won’t put my family at risk by having one of them come to me.

Oak Alley Plantation

Honestly, I’m not sure what is to be gained by running toward the hardest hit (so far) region in the nation.

Oak Alley Plantation

This morning, I heard one state had closed rest areas. Several have closed state campgrounds.

Oak Alley Plantation

My heart tells me to go home as quickly as possible, but my head tells me to go somewhere quiet and not densely populated and ride the storm out.

Oak Alley Plantation

There are so many factors to be considered. While heading home, what route is safest? It’s still winter, so winter driving conditions are absolutely possible. Tornado season is in full swing, so watching the weather forecast in the heartland is mandatory.

I want to be sure to stop in places where I’d feel comfortable if I were to be stuck there.

I have just received a text lecture from my son-in-law Ryan. I assured him I’ll be heading that direction. I love you, Ryan!

On a lighter note, yesterday I went to Oak Alley Plantation and walked the grounds. I didn’t do the indoor tour because I was practicing social distancing. I didn’t touch anything or talk to anyone. But, I did get some photos. It was beautiful. 

Be safe, and enjoy the photos!

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  1. You have a perfect setup for hanging out in the desert and be a hermit for a couple weeks. Head further east and download some good books. Bring enough food for you both and enjoy the peace. Plus the virus grows less in warm conditions. You are healthy, you'll be fine.

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