A Fabulous Annual Camping Trip At Metzler Park Campground, Oregon

When I last posted I was preparing to go camping with my family in Oregon. That trip is in the books. We had a great trip to Metzler Park campground in Estacada.

Most of the sites at Metzler Park Campground have water and electric hookups but no sewer. Because I’m planning to boondock whenever I can on my next trip, I wanted to get a feel for how long I could stretch my gray water holding tank. It’s the one that holds the water from the sinks and shower.

My gray tank holds 38 gallons. According to my calculations, one gallon of water is the equivalent of 2.65% on my tank monitor. As we got ready to leave the campground my gray tank was at 40% capacity which is just about 15 gallons of wastewater. That water usage included three showers and random hand washing. I’m happy with that but I know I can do better.

I was looking forward to testing some of my new gadgets. The only one we really played with was my new blender. I wanted a blender to make my Arbonne shakes without power. I love them blended with ice or frozen berries and I knew I’d be disappointed with just shaking them in one of those bottles.

Behold, the BlenderX cordless, rechargeable blender. I’m surprised at how well this little blender chews through the ice. It arrived partially charged but I followed the instructions and charged it for several hours before using it. I made six shakes on that initial charge but had to put it away for travel before I drained the battery. I’m curious to see how many uses I can get out of it before it needs to be recharged. It also comes in a sturdy, waterproof storage bag, and has a two-year warranty.

Ruby thoroughly enjoyed her camping adventure. In fact, all the kids had a great time. Even us big kids. Murphy is completely exhausted from his adventures. I suspect he put on ten pounds from all the dropped food he ate off the ground.

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