Full-time RV Living – 10 Simple Tips To Prepare For Your New Adventure

If you’re giving up your sticks and bricks home for full-time RV living, one of the most daunting tasks is sorting through EVERYTHING you own. The sooner you begin the better.

full-time RV living

When we decided to sell our house and begin full-time RV living I was on my own in the process due to my late husband’s health conditions. We had a large three bedroom, three bathroom house with an extra kitchen in the garage and a huge woodworking shop in the back yard. Everything was full and if it wouldn’t fit in the RV, it had to go. It took us five months to make it happen.

There’s no magic to share with you because it’s really just a lot of hard work. It can take an emotional toll as well. There will be so many reminders of the past. There will be guilt at parting with things that were gifted to you. There will be those family antiques you just don’t want to part with. Take heart, I did it and thousands of others have too. You can do it.

10 Tips to Get You Ready for Full-time RV Living.

  1. Determine whether or not you will keep items in storage. This will guide your decisions about what to keep and what to part with.
  2. Start in your least-used room. Once you empty this room you can begin to use it as your workspace. Our dining room was that room for us.
  3. Sell, gift, or donate any furniture you won’t need while in the process of downsizing. Once you start to see empty spaces you will build momentum.
  4. Pass family treasures down early.
  5. Have those boxes of photos digitized then pass the originals along to family.
  6. Try to do a little each day to keep your momentum but not so much that you overwhelm yourself.
  7. Consider having a dumpster delivered for items you cannot sell, donate, or give away.
  8. Have a garage sale.
  9. It’s likely you won’t downsize enough until you actually try to move your things into your RV. Brace yourself for that.
  10. Celebrate as you go. Finish a room – celebrate! You are one step closer to your new life of adventure.

When we went through this process, a dear family friend was just getting married and buying a new home. We gifted many of our belongings to them. A lot of our things were given to family members and I love seeing those things being used or lovingly displayed in their homes.

Try to remember it’s all just stuff. You’ll still have the memories attached to those items. It’s very freeing to leave it behind and begin your new life.

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