5 Easy Tricks To Make Your RV Feel Like Home

There are so many options available to personalize and decorate your RV to make your RV feel like home. Whether you’re a full-time RVer, a weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, I’ve got you covered. I’ve lived full-time in four different RVs. At first, I was hesitant to make any significant changes because I was concerned about resale value. I got over that fast. Most RVs are very beige inside. I’m just not a beige kind of gal.

If you are concerned about resale value, make changes that are easily undone. If you remove furniture and have a place to store it, you can always put it back before you sell.

Add Color to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

Adding pops of color is the first and easiest change I make. Color warms the space and brings it to life. I like to make these ribbon garlands because they are super easy and you can add any colors you want. It can be used to ties all of your decor together. You can hang them with removable 3M Command hooks.

make your rv feel like home
Simple to make and very light weight.

Here’s a tutorial from TatertotsAndJello about how to make a ribbon garland. Anyone can do this whether you’re crafty or not. It’s a great project to do with kids too. Just take all the materials with you on your camping trip and set them up at the picnic table or inside on a rainy day.

 Ribbon Garland Tutorial

Establish a Base Color For Your Decor

I like to establish a base color for my RV so I can decorate around it. In my current case, I have a base of gray. My upholstery, quilts, and some of my accent pieces are shades of gray (not 50 shades). I choose high-quality items for these pieces so they will hold up over time. This allows me to change my colors when I want something new and it’s not so expensive or complicated. For example, I love all my pink accents but at Christmas, I like to replace them with red.

Pink for spring and summer.
Red for fall and winter

I use gray as my neutral color. Gray goes with everything and I can change out my accessories on a whim knowing whatever I choose will go with the gray. Choose a base color you like and then decorate around it. If beige is your thing, it’s a great neutral to decorate around. Those earth tones are back in style.

Keep it Tidy and Secure

Stick things down. If you find ways to affix your decorations to countertops, walls, etc. you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to traveling. When you move your RV you have to put everything away or it will most likely fall and you’ll have a mess to clean up.

This basket and succulent pot are stuck to the counter using self adhesive hook and loop circles. I can remove them if I want to clean under them or rearrange but they stay put when I’m towing. By sticking things down, I make getting ready to hit the road in the morning so much easier. Even my echo spot is stuck down with one of those circles.

To secure items like the steer skull above I use 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. These things are awesome. If you clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and let it dry well, they will not budge. That skull has ridden many thousands of miles up there. I use them for a lot of things and always have some on hand.

In my bathroom, all of the items on the counter are affixed so they stay put when I am moving.


Vinyl decals are a great idea for an RV. They are as bright and colorful as you want them to be and they take up no space. They are lightweight and you can remove them easily. I added some peonie vinyl decals to my kitchen wall.

In the picture below you can see the WallPops dots I added for something to break up this plain white wall in my bathroom.

Of course, throw pillows are always a great way to add color and texture. Besides, Murphy loves to rest his head on the pillows. I purchased these plain ticking covers for my pillow forms and added a crochet border around them to make them compliment the rest of my decor. I can take them off and wash them as needed too.

Add Original Touches

This screendoor guard from Weathered and Worn was custom made with the name of my Airstream. This is super lightweight and a great conversation starter. It adds so much personality to a dull screendoor.

I love a good craft project and when I saw a handmade light surround that looks like a chandelier, I needed one too. I decided to try my hand at making one. I even did a tutorial just in case someone else might like to do the same. You can find the instructions here.

Go ahead, make your RV everything your heart desires.

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