How To Organize Your Camper

Take the time to organize your camper. Camping is just easier when you can find everything and it all stays put the way it should. Every RV has odd-shaped nooks and crannies where you can store things if you can figure out how. Each time I’ve moved from one RV to the next, it’s been a process getting settled in. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.

Here are some of my ideas for interior RV storage solutions. These are certainly not all of my storage spaces.

Organize Your Camper Kitchen

This is under my kitchen sink. I have a round sink and cabinet which makes it a challenge to organize but I really love my big sink. The top shelf is very deep so I can store things back there that I don’t use very often. On the top shelf, on the left side are my spices. You can see how I organize my spices here.

organize your camper

The bottom shelf under the sink holds my trash can, a small container of dog food. I keep a large container of dog food in the truck and refill the small one when needed. Then I keep a bunch of random small stuff like brushes down there too.

I also have two pie-shaped trays on the top shelf that hold my cleaning supplies and trash bags.

The locker above the stove is where I keep all my beverage and shake supplies. If you keep things packed in fairly tight they won’t shift around when you’re moving.

Over the sink are my plates, bowls, small cutting mats, and collapsible strainer. I save space in that cabinet by standing the plates up in a rack. The rack is at this link. The dividers are adjustable so I can change it when I need to. Those upper lockers are tricky to pack because of my curved walls.

This is my pull-out pantry. I haven’t added anything for organization but it’s got really small shelves so I use it for all my odds and ends that I use often and will fit there. Also, notice my knives on the magnet to the right. They stay put really well when I’m moving and are handy to grab when I need one. You can find the knife magnet here.

This cabinet makes me crazy. It’s just above my pull-out pantry and I’m forever trying to figure out how to use it better. Right now my cutting board, pizza pan, and some larger boxes of food items are in there. Sometimes I put paper towels in there too. It’s just wide enough to get a roll of paper towels through the door.

This locker is used for my surplus Arbonne supplies and my rechargeable blender.

I keep my dry goods in this cabinet. I put everything in Ziploc disposable food storage containers. They stack well and don’t shift around. They are very inexpensive and you can get them just about anywhere.

Organize Your Odds and Ends

This is clothes hanging closet is in my bedroom. I have another closet in the hall where I hang my clothes so I use this for a lot of random stuff. I added this shelf to help organize the space. I had to take the door off and partially assemble the shelf inside the closet but it stays put really well. I used the included baskets for a while but found I can use the space better without them.

If you look at the picture above, you can see three cases standing on the edge on the bottom shelf.

These are some of my favorite and most useful storage solutions. I keep all of my hanging and fastening supplies in one. Another has all of my extra cords and electronic items and the third holds sewing and craft items. They are easy to organize and secure and they take up very little space. I wish I could tell you where I found them but I have no idea.

I’d suggest taking measurements of your problem storage areas and keeping them with you. That way, when you are out and run across something that might work you’ll at least know if it fits. I write my measurements out on a sheet of paper and take a picture of the page so it’s always with me.

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  1. Your spice storage idea was great! Did it and it has made cooking so much easier, to pull the tray down and find everything right there. Thanks!

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