Make RV Moving Day Easier With These Helpful Tips

The last thing I want to do on RV moving day is put a bunch of stuff away for safe travel only to drag it all out again when I arrive at my destination.

Why Should You Prep For RV Moving Day?

When you hitch up to move your rolling home, it’s absolutely necessary to secure everything inside. They say when you are en route your RV experiences a constant minimum 3.5 magnitude earthquake. I’ll give you some tips to help you prepare the interior of your RV to move with minimal effort.

As things shift and move in your cabinets, against walls, etc. they can and will rub and damage your finishes. I have some not so pretty appliances caused by rubbing against other items.

I also have little blemishes here and there because I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. One of the “crystals” on my chandelier has rubbed against my window frame enough to make a permanent mark.

Watch for Falling Objects

Pack your cabinets in such a way as to hold things in place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an overhead cabinet and had things fall on me because I didn’t pack them properly. If there’s room for things to slide around add something or distribute stacked times to sit flat on the cabinet surface. This will keep things in place. Food storage containers with a lip edge are great because they reduce movement.

Affix Items to Prevent Movement

My bathroom is ready to travel at all times. The soap jar, trash can, toothbrush holder, and jewelry tray are affixed to the countertop using hook and loop dots. They stay put really well for travel but I can detach these whenever I want for cleaning or to rearrange them.

rv moving day

This basket stuck to my kitchen counter safely holds drink mixes, non-refrigerated vegetables, and whatever else I toss in there.

Stick your decorative or functional items down. I have a dedicated container for all my hanging and fastening supplies. That large basket is held in place using 3M Command Strips.

Make Use of Your Pillows

My bed and decorative pillows are used for securing larger things for RV moving day. I have a combination space heater, air purifier, and fan that is quite large. It is placed on one of the beds and I put a pillow on either side to hold it in place.

Murphy has a splashless dog water bowl I put down when we are moving. The first thing he does when we come inside for a break is head straight for his water. It works perfectly.

In the kitchen, I sit my water purifier in the sink in the washing tub, put my utensil holder on the floor of my closet, and my tea kettle in a drawer and I’m ready to go.

Make it easy on yourself!

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