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I’m enjoying my last day of Quartzsite, Arizona dispersed camping at Roadrunner BLM. This BLM site is just south of Quartzsite, Arizona. I’ve been here for ten days. This is by far the longest I’ve gone in one place with no hookups.

arizona dispersed camping

As of this morning, my gray tank is at sixty-three percent of capacity. I’d like you all to know I have showered every day. They were very brief showers but there was a shower every day. My black tank is at sixty percent.

As for freshwater, I arrived with a full tank which is thirty-eight gallons. When my tank was starting to get low I went to Quartzsite and filled my six-gallon water container and used my handy, dandy battery-powered pump to pump it into my fresh tank. I realized I also have a collapsable five-gallon water jug I carry for emergencies so I dug that out of the back of the truck. Over the last few days, I’ve brought water back whenever I went to Quartzsite for a total of twenty-eight additional gallons. This morning my freshwater tank is at sixty-nine percent.

If you decide to pick up a water jug or two don’t make the same mistake I did. The six-gallon jug is HEAVY. I’m looking at some four-gallon jugs that stack and look much more manageable.

Tomorrow, when I leave here I’ll stop in Quartzsite and dump my gray and black tanks and fill my fresh tank.

I used my generator for about three hours each day. My solar panel keeps the house batteries charged amazingly well but I use the generator to charge my portable battery bank. I won’t have to do that when I leave after the holidays because I’ll have my additional solar panel without a charge controller. Right now, it’s at my daughter’s house.

Murphy and I tested out his new doggie corral. I give it five stars. He was displeased but there are just too many dangers here to let him snoop around at will. This morning I went to pour the last of the gas into the generator and when I came back I found him inside the fence laying in the sun. Apparently, he approves now.

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5 thoughts on “Quartzsite, Arizona Dispersed Camping – Serene Roadrunner BLM”

  1. We planning to try BLM camping for the first time next January/February ’23 as we travel from Anzo Borego to Lost Dutchman passing by/through Yuma. Was looking at Imperial Dam and options around Quartzite. This info is very helpful especially where we can stop, dump and fill tanks. Thank you for posting!

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  3. Hi Juley. You might want to consider getting a water bladder that you can lay in the back of your truck and fill when you go into town. We have one and lay it in the back of our jeep and then fold it up when done. Not so heavy and less space.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I actually have one of those but the bed of my truck is pretty full so in order to use it, I’d have to take some stuff out. I’m sure the right occasion will come along and I’ll break it out.

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