Alamogordo, NM, and An Easy White Sands National Park Drive Through

We spent a night in Roswell, New Mexico and I’m happy to report we saw absolutely no evidence of alien activity. White Sands National Park, here we come.

The next morning we started out a bit late with no firm plans. I wanted to overnight at a campground in Alamogordo, New Mexico but the governor there has reduced campgrounds to twenty-five percent capacity due to COVID19. Getting a site there wasn’t in the cards.

The World’s Largest Pistachio, McGinn’s Pistachioland, Alamogordo, NM

The Giant Pistachio

We headed for Alamogordo anyway because I wanted to go to White Sands National Park which is just east of town. I also knew of a funky roadside attraction we needed to see. The giant pistachio! I had no idea pistachios were grown in New Mexico. McGinn’s sells many flavors and I saw a lot of ice cream cones going out the door.

Can You Drive Your RV Through White Sands National Park?

We parked, had a little walk, and took a couple of pictures. Then I decided to call White Sands National Park to see if I could tow Bridget through the park. The answer was yes, all sizes of rigs can use the eight-mile park drive and pullouts. So we pulled out and were on our way to White Sands National Park about 13 miles west of town.

Murphy matches the dunes.

The dunes road drive is about eight and a half miles long. The paved portion of the road goes about halfway and then it gets a bit bumpy but it wasn’t too bad.

That dot on the horizon in the photo above is a man sitting in a lounge chair. I wouldn’t have thought to drag a chair up there but his views were outstanding.

I learned the sand in that area is not regular silica sand but gypsum. The gypsum dunes don’t absorb heat so it feels cool and moist when you walk on them. Murphy had a serious case of the zoomies when we were up on the dunes. He loved it.

Our lunch view.

We walked the dunes for a bit then went inside and had lunch and a break from the truck. We were only in the park for a couple of hours but I was beautiful and very different from any place I’d been to before.

white sands national park
Amazing sunsets here never disappoint.

After the park, we continued west. I knew of an RV park that would be convenient and I was ready to spring for a good stay. We landed back in Texas. Right on the Texas /New Mexico border, there is a super easy, convenient park where I have stayed several times over the years.

I’m catching up on blogging, groceries, cleaning, cooking, and the like. I’m also trying to rest because I’ve got the sniffles. Too much going, not enough relaxing.

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