RV Cooking – Tom Kha Goong

RV cooking is just a matter of adjusting to doing things in a small space. Today I’m making one of my favorite soups, Tom Kha Goong. Tom Kha soup tastes spicy, sweet, and sour. It has a savory umami flavor with a creamy texture.

What can you cook in that tiny kitchen? I get that question all the time. My answer is, just about anything. Many people seem to think we RVers go out to eat all the time. I eat from a restaurant maybe once a month. I also love to cook.

Today, I’m a bit under the weather and soup sounded really good. I’ve been thinking about making Tom Kha Goong soup for a while and today I did. This soup is so comforting and the aroma is enough to bring all the other campers to your door.

The defined dish

I have a cookbook I’m in love with. The Defined Dish by Alex Snodgrass is my go-to spot for healthy but incredibly flavorful recipes.

I haven’t made anything from this cookbook that isn’t absolutely delicious and best of all, the recipes fit with my way of eating.

Prep complete!

This is a super easy one-pot soup. I used shrimp instead of chicken. You can adjust the heat from the peppers to taste and it’s got that Thai takeout flavor I was craving.

RV Cooking
Tom Kha Goong

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5 thoughts on “RV Cooking – Tom Kha Goong”

    1. Rawn and Joann Stone

      Wow, I wish
      had smell-a-vision! That looks delicious! My wife and I can walk to Tong Thai, our Thai restaurant. They call us Uncle and Aunt. They invite us to their parties. And we love their food!

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