The Cost of Full-Time RV Travel – October 2020

I thought it might be helpful to recap my stats for each month while I’m out and about.

Number of states visited11
Miles driven while towing3,003 Miles
Fuel costs$835
Number of nights in a campground with full hookups10
Total cost for full service campgrounds $170
Average cost per night in a campground$17
Number of nights at Harvest Host locations
(annual membership fee)
Number of nights boondocking or dry camping
Non Harvest Host locations
Average cost per night for the entire month$5.50

I have two memberships that really help keep campground costs low. One is Passport America which has an annual membership fee of $44. This allows you to stay at certain RV Parks for 50% off. You use their website to locate participating parks. Be sure to read the fine print. Each park sets its own rules about length of stay with the discount and when you can’t use the discount.

Harvest Hosts is the other membership I love. I’ve talked about it a few times in previous posts. You pay an annual membership fee of $79 which gives members unlimited access to stay overnight at any Host’s locations. They ask that members support their Hosts by purchasing one of their local products with each stay!

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