Home For The Holidays – Christmas in an RV

This is my 9th year spending Christmas in an RV. I made it home to my daughter’s house in Portland on Monday. I’ve been here a full week now. Fastest week ever! I was greeted by four awesome little people who yelled Grammie! at the tops of their lungs when I arrived. What could be better?

We got Bridget wedged into the driveway, set up the electrical connection, and called it good for the night.

I’ve been treated to a great dinner every night and I love knowing whatever my daughter cooks is OK for me to eat because she and my son-in-law eat exactly the same as I do. We use Arbonne products and eat very clean.

Christmas in an RV

We’ve done Christmas crafts, watched cartoons, and played video games.

I’ve been replenishing my supplies for our next trip after the holidays. I’m sure my daughter was delighted to get my giant stack of boxes out of her house.

Murphy has been watching the squirrels perform their high wire act on the power lines around us and occasionally he spots one on the ground near us.

My annual Christmas crocheting projects have taken a lot of my time as well. I always make fun hats for the kids and this year I was asked to make three additional hats for three little boys who live in London. They are getting an owl, a monkey, and a fox. I also made a cow and a much more grown-up slouchy hat for my granddaughters on the east coast but I neglected to take pictures of them.

This week I’ll drive up to Washington to see my parents and I finally get to get visit my favorite hair gal. Boy, do I need that!

Having an RV to stay in while spending time with family makes the visit much more comfortable for everyone.

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