Boondocking Quartzsite, Arizona – Highly Recommend

I really enjoyed boondocking Quartzsite, AZ for the last eleven days. The last day we were there, we drove to a couple of other BLM areas to see what they were like. I think next time I go back I’ll stay north of town in the Plumosa Road area. It’s absolutely huge and there are no busy roads aside from the main road running through.

boondocking quartzsite

We had a little visitor on our last morning. I stepped outside to start hitching the truck and trailer and almost stepped on this guy.

He was directly in the path from my door to the truck and he stayed there the entire time. I gave him plenty of space. I don’t think Murphy even noticed him. Apparently, these cold temperatures cause them to slow way down.

After Thanksgiving weekend was over there were even fewer people boondocking Quartzsite and the surrounding areas. That was a bonus for me. I do love my solitude.

On our way out of town, we stopped at The RV Pitstop to dump our tanks and fill the freshwater tank. Then we were off to Lake Havasu City.

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