Dry Camping Near Death Valley National Park

I recently ended up dry camping near Death Valley National Park. I found the most interesting place on Campendium.com.

After leaving Needle Mountain Road BLM I was wracked with indecision. Do I go east through southern California or north through Las Vegas? I couldn’t decide so I just started driving and when I came to the cut-off to Vegas I took it. Decision made.

This meant I’d be going through Death Valley National Park. I’d never been there and wanted to go but I knew it was going to be really cold at night.

dry camping near death valley
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On my way to my campsite for the night, I discovered the little ghost town of Death Valley Junction. I had no idea it was there and thought I’d go back in the morning and check it out.

I’d done some research on places to camp near the east entrance to the park and found a quirky place to camp. There is an abandoned mobile home or RV park near the entrance to Death Valley NP. All that remains is a blacktop road and a bunch of cement pads. There is nothing else within miles of the park and there is no cell signal at all.

I found the spot on Campendium. I’m not sure who owns the property but it doesn’t appear to be watched or cared for in any way. We pulled in late in the afternoon and found a nice, level spot for the night. There were a few other campers scattered around.

We had a quiet night and set out for Death Valley National Park the next morning with a short detour back to Death Valley Junction for some pictures. When I tried to transfer the pictures from my phone to my laptop, they vanished with the exception of the one included above.

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