Simple Camping Gear Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized

In this post, we’ll cover camping gear storage while on the road. Living in an RV full-time comes with significant storage challenges. I’ve written about inside storage before but I’ve never shared my external storage. Given the fact that I have no storage unit or sticks and bricks home to keep my additional possessions.

Camping Gear Storage In The Travel Trailer

Airstreams are notorious for very limited exterior storage. I have a small storage bay on either side of the trailer near the front. The driver-side storage bay contains all my water-related supplies like water and flush hoses, filters, the sewer support. Basically, anything related to water goes there. The curb-side storage area has stabilizer pads, X-Chocks, and a drill to raise and lower the stabilizers, rags, etc.

Both are sections carved out under each of the twin beds. The front of the Airstream has a much larger but low storage area. It’s good for small things or long, skinny things but if there is anything large it has to be stored in my truck bed. My truck bed has a locking, hard tonneau cover.

camping gear storage

Camping Gear Storage In Your Tow Vehicle

Being full-time and boondocking you really need a lot of stuff. I had to find camping gear storage solutions for my solar panels, generator, gas can, chair, table, tools, dog food, spare electrical parts, electric adapters, tire chains, emergency kit, fencing for my dog, outdoor rug, ladder, gas grill, propane heater, and more.

When I upgraded my truck, I considered payload because that is an important consideration for my lifestyle. Exceeding your tow vehicle’s payload rating is dangerous.

I have a slide-out bed tray in the bed of my truck which allows me to access gear without climbing into the back of the truck. Something to consider when deciding on a CargoGlide is the amount of truck bed space it consumes. You lose several inches of height so consider whether you can afford to lose the space and if any of your gear is too tall to fit under your tonneau cover.

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4 thoughts on “Simple Camping Gear Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized”

    1. Hi Sam,
      I have something similar to that I use to push and pull things I can’t reach. My dad made it and it’s solid with a wide T handle. So handy!

  1. Interesting to learn that you had a slider in your truck then took it out and went with a ladder. Did it take up that much space? Wow. Thanks for letting us know. Once less expense.

    1. juley.torkomian

      Hi Terri,
      Yes, it took about 6 inches off the depth of the bed. I couldn’t put my generator in the bed because it was too tall. Sometimes I miss it but I like taking the things I need more.

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