7 Favorite RV Appliances I Never Travel Without

Even though I spend a lot of time boondocking I have a treasured few RV appliances I simply find indispensable. Living in such a tiny space those appliances must be worth the space they take. Your essential appliances may differ but here are mine and why I can’t part with them.

My Favorite RV Appliances


RV appliances

I spend a lot of time in very damp climates so a dehumidifier is absolutely necessary. Moisture is the worst enemy of an RV. Not to mention the general discomfort of dampness. Yuck! I started out with the little EvaDry you see a lot of RVers using but it just wasn’t powerful enough for my needs. Now I have this larger EcoSeb model. It’s not huge but it gets the job done.

Vacuum Cleaner

My Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum is absolutely essential. I love that it is rechargeable which is great for those times I don’t have hookups. It breaks down and I have the charging base attached to a wall in my bathroom.


I have two blenders. My Ninja blender is used when I have power and my rechargeable BlenderX blender is for boondocking. I drink protein shakes for breakfast and lunch every day so these are must-haves.

Instant Pot

I use my Instant Pot all the time. Even when I’m boondocking I can run it with my generator. If I’m charging my batteries, I’ll time whatever I need to cook at the same time. It’s great for making a pot of something I can reheat throughout the week for dinner.

Dyson Fan, Heater, Air Purifier

My Dyson Pure Hot+Cool was a great investment. It works as a space heater, an air purifier, and a fan all in one appliance When we had fires all over the Pacific Northwest last summer it kept the air in my home safe. I love that it has a remote and I can also operate it from my smartphone.

Ice Maker

Another appliance I use all the time is my HomeLabs portable ice maker. I go through a lot of ice and having this available to make more whenever I need it is so convenient. It’s definitely worth the space it takes.

Other than a hairdryer and rechargeable toothbrush, those are really the only appliances I own.

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4 thoughts on “7 Favorite RV Appliances I Never Travel Without”

  1. Great article very practical which is brilliant. I like the fact that you are boondocking which is means you really do need something good.
    Thank you again!

      1. Hi Juley,
        That’s a good question about what topics you can write about which might be useful to some of your readers. Again your last one about essential appliances was excellent. Here are a few others. You might have covered these already and I missed them:
        – Essential Tools
        – Costs. I think many people think it’s cheaper living in an RV but it all depends on how much you travel, boondock, etc. Therefore perhaps a general chart for how to calculate a budget
        – Packing: what do you keep in your truck, RV, and how to keep things organized?
        – What are your big surprises, good and bad?
        -How do you plan?
        – If you had extra money what would you invest in?
        Thanks again!

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