Airstream Windows Sticking? Fix That and 2 Other Common Problems

Airstream windows sticking? Bathroom door won’t stay open? Air conditioner vent covers falling out? I’ll show you how to fix all of those pesky problems.

Airstreams come with some extra features that set them apart from the rest of the pack. However, there are also some common and annoying Airstream problems you might run into as you use your Airstream over time. Last post I told you I was working on a list of repairs and maintenance around Bridget the Airstream. Today I tackled some of them. Because these are common Airstream problems, I thought I’d share my fixes with you. Here’s how to fix three of the most common Airstream problems.

Airstream Problem #1 – Bathroom Door Won’t Stay Open

The bathroom door won’t stay open. If I don’t get my trailer completely level, the bathroom door swings shut on its own. This is so annoying when I’m trying to get out of the shower, directly across the hall, and dry off.

airstream windows

My Solution

I installed a small magnet on my bathroom door and another on the trim near the door so it will catch and hold the door open. It was really easy but so nice not to fight with that door all the time.

Airstream Problem # 2 – Falling Vent Covers

The air conditioning vents keep falling out of the ceiling and damaging the floor and countertop.

My Solution

I ordered some 3M Heavy Duty 1/4 inch Mounting Tape. I just popped one of the vent covers out of the hole and added roughly two-inch strips of tape near the edge. Then I replaced the vent covers and now they are firmly held in place.

Airstream Problem # 3 – Airstream Windows Sticking

Airstream windows are difficult to open because there is a lot of contact between the seal and the glass. In order to get some of them open, I have to release the latches inside then go outside and pop them open with a plastic tool.

My Solution

Open the windows and clean the rubber Airstream window seals with a wet rag. After the seal dries, then take another rag and spray a small area of the rag with silicone lubricant spray and wipe the rubber Airstream window seals with the rag. It keeps the windows and seals from sticking together and conditions the rubber so the seals last longer. You’ll have to do this occasionally.

What are some common problems with your RV?

I hope this article has been helpful in providing you with some insight into the most common problems that Airstream owners experience. If your RV is having any of these issues, don’t worry! With a little time and effort, they can be solved quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your home away from home on wheels.

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  1. Wow, what great tips for Airstream owners, plus other RV owners. And your pictures are great also as you showed both the problems, and the solutions. I am impressed Juley. Great post.

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