RVing Life Isn’t All Adventure and Glamour

I’m really trying to use my time here in Saint David, Arizona wisely. RVing life means you may find yourself constantly on the go. The problem with that is, you get behind on your adulting. One of the reasons I decided to stay here an entire month is that I have an ever-growing list of things I really need to focus on. Some are work-related, some are related to upkeep and maintenance of my Airstream, and others are more in the personal development area.

rving life

RVing Life Responsibilities

I sat down shortly after we arrived and made a comprehensive list of all the things I could think of at the time. I continue to add to it daily but I am making some headway.

old wooden sign

I’ve committed to seeing what I’m doing with my blog and Arbonne as work instead of a hobby and I hope to supplement my income very soon. I’m learning all about search engine optimization, Pinterest marketing, Instagram, keywords, and much more. My head is swimming by the end of the day.

Agave plant

Aside from work, I’m making good use of my time by tackling a list of projects for Bridget, my Airstream. I need to flush my hot water heater, secure the A/C vents so they don’t fall during travel, she needs a good wash and wax, I need to sanitize the freshwater tank, and research batteries because I need two new house batteries before I go out boondocking again.

Dog on a hill

I’m also walking with Murphy at least three times a day. It’s hilly here so our walks take some effort but I know they are good for me. He gets to run off-leash here so he goes at least three times as far as I do. He absolutely loves it here. One of his favorite things is laying outside on the rug after our afternoon walk. I have his fence up so he’s safe and can’t go anywhere.

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Dog with abandoned RV park in the distance

The sunrises and sunsets here are just beautiful. I rush outside after dinner every evening to take pictures.

golden sunset

All of these photos were taken on our walks around the park at various times of the day. We are careful not to go out after dark and always careful about wildlife in the area. There are coyotes, javelina, black bear, gila monsters, scorpions, mountain lions, and more.


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7 thoughts on “RVing Life Isn’t All Adventure and Glamour”

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  2. Wow Juley,it sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but at least you are in one place for awhile and not concerned about traveling as well as doing all of that. Enjoy your stay. And as always, your photos are gorgeous! Are you using your phone to take them, with a filter, or a camera?

  3. Hi, Juley
    Beautiful cloud photos. Regarding doing research for your online marketing, there is so much to learn. Do not feel you have to know it all because you never will. It’s just too much, and it changes all of the time. I would focus on searchability, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you need help with your website, let me know. Maybe I can help. I built my website with WIX.com; it has everything you will need.

    Another question: security.
    I am about to commit to getting a 25 ft flying cloud, 2021, but now I wonder about safety. I can just see myself driving into a campsite with a brand new AS and TV, my big computer screen visible as I work, big camera as I need it for my work too. What security do you advise? Do you have a camera outside monitoring your campsite, special locks for the doors, alarm systems? I am usually am not concerned about these things, but if I am out by myself, I want to be ready.

    What do other single women do? I plan on taking some classes on what to do if attacked, etc—again trying not to be worried but prepared.
    Thanks again

    1. Hey Terri,
      I am focusing on SEO and Pinterest right now. Instagram is next. Thanks for your offer, I may take you up on that.
      As for safety, I honestly don’t give it a lot of thought. I keep my eyes open and If something doesn’t feel right I’ll move. I often have to walk Murphy after dark.
      I’m not sure what your camping plans are as far as campgrounds or boondocking but I always feel safer in the middle of nowhere. I always feel the danger is where the people are.
      Also, unless you have lights on inside your Airstream, it’s pretty hard to see inside. They may see your monitor but you’ll find ways to keep the peeping eyes at bay.
      Some may think I’m foolish or naive but I choose not to worry about my safety but I’m aware of my surroundings and smart about the things I do and the places I go.

  4. When I passed the sign St David I wondered what the story was behind naming the town. There is always a story. I drove all the way around the smoke in your picture. Down 90 to Bisbee and then on 80 getting closer and closer until I saw it was a prescribed burn. I like Benson. Next time I pass through I want to explore north of I10.
    It looks a very restful place to get things done

    1. Glenda,
      I’m enjoying it here. It’s nothing fancy but it’s interesting and I love that Murphy can run off leash. We are supposed to have a controlled burn here in the park soon but they keep putting it off due to wind.
      I can’t believe you were so close for days and we didn’t even know. Next time.

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