Casinos With RV Parking – A Free Option for Overnight Stays

Casinos with RV parking are one of the most underrated overnight stays in the RV living world. I generally find it tiring to drive every day without a break in between, so we’re taking a couple of days to recuperate. After leaving Harris Ranch Restaurant and Resort Monday morning we continued our jaunt through California. We went up and over the Grapevine for the first time. Our stop for Monday night was a Morongo Casino in Cabazon, CA. We were about thirty miles west of Palm Springs.

casinos with rv parking

Casinos With RV Parking

The reason I choose this location was so I could visit my friends, Nan and Ron in Indio. We parked in the third tier of the RV / Truck parking area. It was nice and quiet up there and I think I found the only level spot in the whole place.

You might remember Nan and Ron from a few years ago when Rob and I traveled to The Keys and spent a month at the same park with them. We had the absolute best time that month. They are also full-time RVers and have a lot in a beautiful resort where they spend the winter.

Resort views.

I neglected to get a picture of Nan and Ron but I did snap a few of the resort. We had an overcast day but the temperature was perfect at seventy degrees.

Big fluffy white dog meets little fluffy white dog.

Nan, Murphy, and I walked all over the park, socially distanced of course. Everyone was so friendly. Murphy met his mini-me. Nan is one of those people who never met a stranger. She’s just fun and such a kind person.

Resort entryway with beautiful flowers and palm trees.

We had lunch and chatted the afternoon away and then it was time to say goodbye. Thank you, Nan, for such a beautiful day.

Desert landscape with dog and camper.

In this area, there are several casinos with RV camping. We spent two nights at Morongo Casino. It was very cold and windy there. I guess that’s why there’s a giant windmill farm surrounding the area. When Murphy and I went out for a walk I bundled up against the wind. Murphy was happy to have so much room to run.

Wednesday morning we were Arizona bound. I literally couldn’t decide where to stop for the night so I just drove until we were through Phoenix then stopped at a rest area to look for an overnight spot nearby. There just happened to be another casino with RV parking within a few miles so that’s how we ended up at Harrah’s in Maricopa, CA.

Desert sunset with dog.

As casinos with RV parking go, I can’t recommend this one. The lot for oversized vehicles was way too small and filled with idling trucks. There was no quiet to be had. I switched on my white noise app on my phone and slept really well until four AM when a semi-truck started up nearby. On the plus side, there was a huge field where I could walk Murphy and I saw a lot of security patrols.

One more driving day and we will arrive where we can stay awhile and rest up.

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  2. Once again, your photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the photo of Murphy and his mini-me! They are both so cute. Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Is that why the trip is like running a marathon?

    1. Karen,
      Thank you so much. My rush is just to be somewhere reasonably warm. Long driving days one after another are exhausting.

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