Free Camping at Vicksburg Arizona, BLM Near Salome

Vicksburg Arizona BLM Camping

I’ve landed on another beautiful BLM site. I’m at Vicksburg Arizona, near Salome. It seems I’m crisscrossing Arizona and the other day I found myself heading west again toward Quartzsite. I wanted to try some other BLM land in the general area so I went searching on Campendium for some ideas.

Vicksburg Arizona

Getting To Vicksburg Arizona Dispersed

About 30 miles east of Quartzsite, just north of Interstate 10, near the town of Vicksburg are several BLM areas I thought I’d check out. I really enjoyed my time in Quartzsite last fall and wanted the same kind of experience again.

There are certain things I look for when I’m deciding on potential boondocking locations. I want space so I look for land in lesser populated areas so there will be fewer people camping there. I want views and photography opportunities. If an area looks particularly full of cholla cacti or other extremely sharp hazards, I’ll pass. I really enjoy walking with Murphy and if he’s safe we have a much better day.

Terrain Conditions

This particular area is very much like Quartzsite in that it’s very rocky, flat, and wide open. The day we arrived there were four other rigs within sight distance. Three left the following day and at one point there were only two of us. out here.

We had an incredibly peaceful weekend but on Monday at about 6 am I realized there is a gravel quarry just up the road and supersized dump trucks raced up and down the road all day long. The dust was pretty bad. They stopped for the day at about 3 pm.

I’d absolutely come back here again but I would go much further up the road to avoid the truck traffic. The views and sunsets have been absolutely fabulous.

Today I left the BLM land and moved four miles to an RV park in Hope, AZ. My truck is being towed to the nearest Ford dealer in the morning. We are having what appears to be a fairly serious problem with the powertrain. I’ll tell you all more about that next time. For now, let’s just enjoy the pictures.

Serene Camping at Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort
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11 thoughts on “Free Camping at Vicksburg Arizona, BLM Near Salome”

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  2. Oh no!! to the truck problem. That has always been a fear of mine. I hope that time has past since the truck went in for repairs and you have it back by now. Thinking about you and hope everything going well.

    1. juley.torkomian

      Thanks Glenda, Max was hauled away on a flatbed yesterday and taken to the shop. He has a diagnosis and parts have been ordered. I’ll write about it today or tomorrow.

  3. How do you scope out whether the site has what you want? Do you walk in? Unhitch and drive in? I think that is where I get stuck. I’ve lived out here and I still don’t know which cactus are the bad ones for the dog and tires. Or how you know if you drive in if you’ll be able to drive out. But I’m determined to learn. Love your blog!

    1. juley.torkomian

      Elisa, I read all the comments on Campendium to see what to expect. This particular place sounded like getting stuck would be unlikely so I just drove in and drove around until I found a level spot. I know how I want to position Bridget in terms of the sun’s position so that factors in too. I like to have the sunrise behind the trailer and the sunset on the front end. That’s helps me regulate the temperature.

      I avoid Cholla like the plague for Murphy’s sake but never worry about the tires and the cacti.

      I’ve never unhitched to drive in yet but I err on the side of caution. There’s a post a few weeks ago where I had to back out about 200 yards. Took me forever and was not easy. You can do this.

        1. juley.torkomian

          In the morning the sun warms my back and in the evening the heat is at the other end. It works out really well.

    1. juley.torkomian

      Thanks! I’m actually down in Hope with my trailer. I’m waiting for some sort of timeframe before I decide whether to stay here or move up that way. That will also include getting towed. The only thing I really need is groceries. There are no stores here. I’ll get by though.

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