Serene Camping at Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort

Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort, Remote, Quiet, and Peaceful

My stay at Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort was perfect. You know by now I’m not a fan of RV parks in general but I want to look out my windows and see scenery not the side of the RV next to me. When my truck broke down and I had to have it towed nearly 50 miles away I needed a place to hang out while we waited for repairs. Just a few miles down the road from my boondocking spot I found Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort.

Ramblin' Roads
Hope, Arizona, and the surrounding area

This park has been the most pleasant surprise. From the office staff to the large sites, and fenced dog park, our stay has been very comfortable. They have lots of storage units for rent to the residents and ample space for storage of your RV, OHV trailer, etc. There’s even a car wash station and vacuum to keep your ride spotless. Oh, they have palm trees. For some reason, I just love palm trees. They make me happy.

Murphy likes the dog park.

The park is some distance from the nearest town and there are no restaurants or stores within walking distance. We are surrounded by BLM desert land here. It’s nicely landscaped in a simple, natural way. I love how peaceful it is here.

Ramblin’ Roads from above

From what I can tell the people here have been coming back year after year and have formed a community. They seem to be an older group and there are off-road vehicles on most sites. I love seeing people in their 70s and 80s cruizing around in their side-by-sides and heading out into the desert for an adventure.

Gifts from my neighbors

The morning my truck was towed away, one of my neighbors came to see if I needed anything from the produce market in a neighboring town. Later that morning he came back with a beautiful bunch of fresh produce and he refused to take anything in return. When things like that happen, it reminds me there are still many good people in the world.

Murphy and I have been walking on the OHV trails on the surrounding BLM land every morning and evening. The temperatures have been comfortable but today we are supposed to reach the high 80s. I may actually have to turn the air conditioner on.

We are truly enjoying our stay here and if at some point I want to settle in one spot for the winter, this spot is a contender.

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5 thoughts on “Serene Camping at Ramblin’ Roads RV Resort”

    1. juley.torkomian

      Thank you! Such a pretty place.
      I rememer seeing some semi-permanent units clustered toward the back. I honestly didn’t pay much attention. You could call the office and ask!

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    1. juley.torkomian

      Thanks Karen!
      Off Highway Vehicle like a four wheeler or side by side. Sorry, I’ll try to be more careful with those.

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