A Dust Storm in New Mexico Abruptly Halts Our Travel

A Severe Dust Storm in New Mexico

We just experienced our first major dust storm in New Mexico. Over the last couple of days, I’ve encountered a lot of obstacles. This is not how you boondock. Yesterday’s adventure was learning to camp in a dust storm.

If you read my last post, you know we tried three locations to find a boondocking spot and ended up in a Walmart parking lot. I’m not sorry that happened because I’ve Wallydocked now and I’d be comfortable doing it again.

Walmart RV Parking, When Your Boondocking Plans Fail

The next morning, we got up and on the road headed for what I was sure would be a great boondocking location. As we continued south, I noticed the haze in the air was getting heavier. It wasn’t windy, just hazy. After driving for about 90-minutes my GPS warned me I was approaching my destination.

dust storm in new mexico
We are the blue dot.

We were in a desolate area and there was no traffic so I slowed way down. We all know GPS directions can be wrong and I’m assuming this one was because there was no entrance to be found. I’ve learned not to get invested in a particular destination because I have to change my plans often. So, we continued south.

Not long after, we came to a tiny town and stopped to regroup and get Murphy out for a little walk. The wind started to pick up and sand began to blow. We were in the middle of a dust storm in New Mexico. Safely inside the trailer, I started looking for options for the night. The wind became steadily stronger and the sand blew hard enough to make visibility really poor.

The Middle of Nowhere Again

I realized just then, there was a tiny RV campground next to the gas station I was parked behind. After looking it up on my phone, I decided to check and see if it might be on my Passport America plan and it was! We scored a full hook-up site for $11. Kinda seems like someone was looking out for us.

We got checked in and into our site as the wind steadily increased. I put Murphy inside and started hooking up the utilities. I had to struggle to hold the doors when getting in and out of the truck and trailer. I didn’t unhitch but I did put the stabilizers down because it was looking like we were going to be rocking and rolling for the duration.

It got worse as the afternoon and evening rolled on. There were 55 mph wind gusts which sent us bouncing around. Murphy does not like wind and he was nervous so he stuck close.

The next morning we woke up to clear, blue skies and a light breeze. Crazy desert weather. We pulled out headed west. I’m all done with New Mexico for this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love NM but I’m all done. We arrived in Willcox, AZ around 3:00 and settled into a Harvest Host vineyard. That’s where I’m writing this post from.

We’ll be moving on again today. I’m not completely sure where but I’ll share, you can count on it.

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6 thoughts on “A Dust Storm in New Mexico Abruptly Halts Our Travel”

  1. That wind speed is no joke out here. I’m glad it all ended up safe. You are braver than me and I’m enjoying your blog… learning some of the detail of finding locations.

    1. juley.torkomian

      I wonder how long it’ll take to get the dust out of the truck and trailer. It is amazing just how much sifts inside.

  2. As you’ve discovered, springtime is NOT the time to be in NM. I speak from experience, having lived there for 30-plus years, & living there again. Come back any other time!! It’s a beautiful state!

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