Free Dispersed Lake Mead Camping, Nevada

Stewart’s Point Dispersed – Lake Mead Camping

After months in the desert, I thought it would be a nice change to have a water view and Lake Mead seemed like a great destination. Lake Mead camping in Nevada is plentiful so I hoped finding a good place to boondock wouldn’t be difficult.

lake mead camping
Lake Mead

Location and Entrance

Lake Mead straddles the Arizona, Nevada border, is about 60 miles east of Los Vegas, and is an official National Recreation Area and part of the National Park system so be prepared for entrance fees. While I was there I did not see any signage regarding payment or payment kiosks and there was no entry gate so my stay was free. That said, I do have an annual national park pass.

RV camping at lake mead Nevada
Lake Mead Camping and Dump Locations via Campendium

I searched my go-to app, Campendium for possible Lake Mead Camping sites these were my results. I filtered my search for only free sites. I was coming in from the east and would be traveling along the north side of the lake so I focused my search there. I ended up choosing Stewart’s Point Dispersed. This is primitive camping with no services.

Stewart’s Point, Lake Mead, Nevada

Road Conditions

I’m never sure what to expect when I arrive at these dispersed locations and it was Friday afternoon but the space is huge and there was plenty of room. We drove around for a while looking at potential sites and found one that was pretty level. We positioned the trailer to get the setting sun on the front end and went for a walk. Murphy is always up for an adventure. We weren’t close to the water but had a nice view. Keep in mind there are some pretty deep ruts, sand, and gravel beds here. It would be fairly easy to get stuck if you weren’t paying attention.

lake mead camping

Local Services

It’s about 15 miles from Stewart’s Point to Overton, Nevada, the nearest town. They have gas, groceries, and water available. There are several campgrounds around the area where you can dump your tanks. Check Campendium for current information.

We enjoyed Lake Mead Camping stayed four nights and I never even unhitched the truck and trailer. Unfortunately, except for the first evening we were there it was too windy to spend much time outside and far too windy to put the rug or chair out. We stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth of the sun baking the trailer and went out for a few walks daily. I had a reasonable cell signal and could get wifi so we did just fine.

I noticed a lot of road apples on the ground as we took our walks but one night we heard the distinct and very close sound of braying donkeys. Murphy was on guard immediately. He rarely barks but that made his hair stand on end. There must be quite a number of wild donkeys around the area but the only one we actually saw was on the way out of the park the day we left.

I was fascinated by some of the plant life in the area. There was a lot of sage and of course tumbleweed but there were some flowering plants that caught my attention because they were so green and the leaves had the best textures.

Things to do nearby

Day Trips


Come prepared for primitive camping. Bring your water and empty tanks. There is no garbage service so pack out whatever you bring in. Watch for rattlesnakes…and wild donkeys. There were no pokey things to stick in Murphy’s feet (huge bonus).

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5 thoughts on “Free Dispersed Lake Mead Camping, Nevada”

  1. Your photos make your blog posts come to life. Glad you had sunshine, water views and a good place for walks. Sorry about the wind though. Sounds like you had something to do to keep you busy since you had cell service and wifi. Happy and safe travels! And I pinned this article. :0)

      1. Learning so much following you. You have found so many great places. I will be there hopefully in the fall of this year.

          1. You better be prepared to pick up trash from all the out of state people. California is the worst of them,I live in kingman and everyone trashes lake mohave. There is spots that we go shooting in kingman and the campers leave trash, we pick it up. They have no respect for your state!!!!!

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