Free Dispersed Camping – Marble Canyon, Arizona

Marble Canyon, Arizona

Marble Canyon, Arizona is a place where you can find dispersed camping and really get away from it all. It’s in the middle of nowhere and there aren’t many people around, which makes for a very nice environment to relax in. Located in north-central Arizona near Lake Powell and the town of Page. The canyon is surrounded by the deep bronze walls of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and offers free dispersed camping.

marble canyon

Getting There

This location was another very remote dispersed camping location just off Highway 89A, west of Page. I had read in advance the road was rough and to keep to the right at the Y and I did. The reviews on Campendium were very accurate. The road was rough and filled with large, partially buried rocks that added to the bumps. The road wasn’t more than a mile long with a big loop at the end. If you can stand the bumps, any size rig can access this site. If you have low clearance be sure to use caution because there are ruts.

Finding a Site

There are two larger sites immediately following the Y. The next site is small and suitable for a car or van. I backed into the fourth site which is about halfway up the road. My site was very level and had a rock fire ring.

The remaining sites are on the loop at the end of the road. There is a large distance between sites so it feels very private. I walked up there a few times with Murphy. There were three other rigs camped there the entire time I was there. As it turns out, one of them was another solo Airstreaming woman who I was fortunate enough to meet.

Our stay was a little bit too short, but we still had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful weather. We enjoyed cool mornings and warm evenings with amazing sunsets as well!

During the time I was here, I never unhitched the truck so I didn’t go exploring except on foot. Murphy and I enjoyed our walks as always. If you’re up for an adventure or want some amazing views of The Canyon then follow the road back down to Y and take the left fork which will lead you about 1.5 miles away from here where there are more hiking trails that just might be your next favorite thing.

Things to do Nearby

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Next Stop

Today we move on to an RV park in Fredonia, AZ. The Park in Fredonia is a Passport America campground and I’ll be paying $12.50 a night for full hookups. My affiliate link for Passport America is in the right column. Consider joining, it’s a real money saver.

We have been boondocking for 15-days and everything is dirty including all of my clothes and bedding. We’ll stay two nights and wash all the things, including my dog who is pink from the red sands at Valley of the Gods.

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6 thoughts on “Free Dispersed Camping – Marble Canyon, Arizona”

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  3. Such an informative post and as always, beautiful photos! Thanks for all of the tips of this boondocking site. $12.50 a night for full hookups is a fantastic rate. When I am ready to set out on my trip, I will definitely join Passport America through your link. Have fun and please keep sharing those photos!

    1. juley.torkomian

      Karen, I love a great bargain on a full hookup site. Expecially since it’s have paid twice that dumping my tanks and a laundromat.

  4. Wow. So impressed in your boondocking abilities. This looks like an amazing area. I am happy you met another airstream solo woman.

    1. juley.torkomian

      Hi Glenda!
      My last three boondocks have been really interesting places. I’m at a park now and doing all the laundry and washing furniture, walls, cabinets, etc. The dirt is EVERYWHERE. I even ran out of rags so I’m waiting for that load to be done so I can continue. Those gorgeous locations come with a cost but I’m willing to pay it.

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