Beautiful & Convenient Dispersed Camping Near Tonopah, Nevada

Camping Near Tonopah, Nevada

After leaving Lake Mead, we found camping near Tonopah, Nevada. The road between Las Vegas and Tonopah is called the Extraterrestrial Highway. It’s long, desolate, and has very little cell service. Alien abduction is just one of the many perils that might befall you out there. One of the most well-known parts of the ET Highway is Area 51.

camping near Tonopah Nevada

After we arrived in Tonopah, we found a boondocking spot at Tonopah Dispersed, BLM land just south of the town.

We stayed three nights in Tonopah. I was feeling lazy and just wanted to stay put for a while. We had a decent cell signal and a quiet spot to camp so we just hung out. Our next travel day took us to a Harvest Host location in Fallon, Nevada. Lattin Farms was a nice little stopover for the night. There were three other rigs there when I arrived, but it was quiet and there was plenty of space. They had the first grass we have seen in a long while. Murphy immediately threw himself down and rolled in it. He was thrilled.

The next day was Murphy’s 6th birthday. We spent it driving through Reno and into California. We stopped for two nights in a little town called Tulelake just a few miles from the Oregon border. We got a full hookup site at the Tulelake Fairgrounds for $18 a night with my Passport America discount. I was able to get my laundry caught up, make ice, charge everything and Murphy enjoyed all the open space of the fairgrounds on our walks.

We arrived in Portland last Saturday where I parked on the street in front of my daughter’s house for a quick 20-hour visit. I got to see my grandkids and catch up. My oldest grandson is suddenly as tall as I am. I’m not sure how that happened so fast but I don’t think I like it.

Sunday around noon we hit the road for our last segment of the trip. We are parked at my brother’s place again for the summer. It’s good to see everyone and Murphy is delighted to be home. On our first evening home, we were treated to a rainbow.

our summer site

Murphy seems to think he doesn’t need to stay home and I can’t turn my back without him wandering off. So, we’re going to put a fence around what we like to think of it as our little section of the property. Hopefully, we can get that done fairly soon. In the meantime, we are getting settled in. I’ve gotten my raised beds and flower pots cleaned out and ready for new flowers and veggies. I’ve got my rug and cozy chairs out too.

During the trip home, we had a few hiccoughs. The furnace stopped working, I discovered one of my trailer tires is wearing very unevenly, and my entry door deadbolt is stuck in the unlocked position. Fortunately, we have two locks. Soon I’ll be compiling my annual list of things to do while we’re stationary for the summer. I plan to do some posts about how to fix some of these issues.

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful & Convenient Dispersed Camping Near Tonopah, Nevada”

  1. Very glad to hear about your most recent travels and that you are nicely settled in at your brother’s house. And I can imagine how much Murphy loves the grass. Jenny loves it too, but we live in the woods and aren’t allowed to have grass on our community…just woods all around, and while that is nice in terms of not having to mow, Jenny only gets to roll in grass in the dog parks. Thankfully there are 3 here. She loves it. I am excited for you regarding your sister site and can’t wait to go visit it. I am sure you 2 will have a nice summer near family. :0)

    1. juley.torkomian

      I’ve never heard of a place where you can’t have grass. That’s kind of sad. But, Jenny gets to go play and roll in the grass so it’s all good.

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