3 Reasons You’ll Love Having A Visited States Map

Visited States Map

If you don’t have a visited states map or some other visual log of the states you’ve visited, you’re missing out. They are great conversation starters and really fun for kids. My grandkids love looking at my map and on occasion, they get to help add a sticker. I love adding a new state to my map. I clean it all up, add the sticker and then take a photo. Something about it just makes me happy.

my visited states map
My Current Map – Only 5 States Left

After almost nine years of traveling around the country, I’ve had three different visited states maps displayed on my various RVs. We actually managed to fill the entire lower 48 states in on one of them. When I got my Airstream and began traveling alone, I started over because this time it was my own personal accomplishment.

3 Things You’ll Love About Having A Visited States Map

  • Conversation Starter – I’ve had countless consversations with other campers, family, even people at rest areas about my visited states maps. They really bring out curiosity in people.
  • Memory Maker – Adding stickers is fun! I look forward to adding states to my map like a child looks forward to Christmas. I always take an updated photo afterward. It’s fun to look at the map and talk about where I’ve been with my grandkids too.
  • Trip Planning – You can use your map to plan your trips. I like to figure out routes using states I haven’t been to yet and see how many I can add as I go.

Note: There are also Canadian Provence Maps available for those who travel in or to Canada.

Types Of Visited States Maps

There are so many options out there. I just did a Pinterest search and found some really clever ideas. There are maps where you scratch off the state, others have photo stickers (made from your photos) to apply to the map. I’m going to have to step up my game because my giant door decal is just dull now. I’m thinking of peeling all of my old stickers off and painting or wallpapering the inside of my door then adding something over that. I’ll add some examples with links below so you can pick one up if you see one you like.

Make sure you choose the best one for your application. Some are for inside use only.

Where Should I Put My Map?

You can put your map wherever you want. I see them on the exterior of some RVs. Sometimes I see them on the inside of a bay door or the inside of an entry door like mine. I’ve seen them on the side of a slideout so it’s hidden when driving but visible when parked. There’s no rule so put it wherever you like.

You Get To Make Up The Rules

Everyone has their own set of rules for when they have earned a sticker for their Visited States Map. Here are some I’ve heard over the years.

  • Stopped while driving through a state, even if it was just for gas, food, or a rest stop. If your feet hit the ground, you get a sticker.
  • Simply drove through a state.
  • Stayed at least one night in a state.
  • Stayed more than one night in a state.
  • Stayed one night and visited an attraction in a state.
  • Stayed at least one week in a state.

My Visited States Map Confession

The only rules when adding a sticker to your visited state map are the ones you set. My personal rule is that I must stay at least one night in the state. Just driving through doesn’t count.

I confess that I specifically drove through the southwest corner of Missouri and spent the night just so I could put the sticker on my map. Don’t judge me.

What Happens When You Get A Different RV?

When you buy a new RV do you have to start over? I didn’t. When we traded our 5th wheel for our motorhome, I got a new map and added the states we had already filled in on the old one. But, it’s your map so your rules. Do what you want.

What About When You Fill Your Map?

If you fill your map do you get a new map and start over? We had just filled our map with the exception of Alaska when my husband passed away. I wouldn’t have gotten a new map and started over. Having a full map is like a badge of honor. I’ll get to Alaska someday!

Do you have a visited states map of some kind in your RV? If not, will you be getting one?

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