Why I Love and Use LevelMate Pro

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Level your RV with LevelMate Pro

One of my favorite RVing gadgets is my LevelMate Pro. Getting your RV level on your camping site is very important. There are many ways to accomplish this, but my favorite way is with my LevelMate Pro. I have been using it for years and find that it works well for leveling trailers and RVs quickly and easily.

level your rv with levelmate pro

Why is it important to level your RV?

Leveling your RV is important for comfort but even more important for the safe operating of your RV. If your RV is not level, your doors are more likely to bind and not open and close properly. Additional stress is placed on the frame, window frames, door frames, even your cabinets can be impacted.

Several years ago, my trailer was quite unlevel one night and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I spent the entire night trying not to fall out of bed. It’s wasn’t a restful night.

Additionally, your RV refrigerator functions best when it is level. If it’s off a small amount it’s generally not a problem. However, if you’re significantly off level it can damage your refrigerator. The fluid inside your refrigerator’s cooling system should be as level and well dispersed as possible. If you’re significantly off level, the fluid will run to one side. That’s not good.

How level does my RV need to be?

Your refrigerator should be no more than three degrees off level in order to function properly and avoid damage. In my opinion, if you’re three degrees off, you’ll feel it and it will be annoying enough to correct the level.

How do you know if your RV is level?

I like to avoid jumping out of the truck to check the level and then back in to move forward or back repeatedly. It’s absolutely maddening in some places when there are potholes or ruts.

That’s where LevelmatePro comes in. I love this little device. I have installed it toward the front of my trailer in an inconspicuous location. When I pull into an area and am ready to park for the night, I can turn on the app on my cell phone and it shows me how level (or not) the trailer is. This allows me to find a good spot for the night with minimal setup. It also makes for a quick departure in the morning.

How does Levelmate Pro work?

The LevelmatePro device has an initial setup process that is very straightforward. The app walks you through the process. Once set up, it can detect how to level your RV is and displays it on the screen of your smartphone. It even shows me how many inches too low or high each of the four sides of my trailer is. That comes in handy by telling me exactly how many of those 1″ leveling blocks I need to use.

The transmitter inside the RV is activated by motion and is on when you’re moving so it goes through batteries fairly quickly. Mine uses 2032 disc batteries.

After your RV has been still for a period of time (you choose the time) it shuts itself off.

There are now two models to choose from.

When I dry camp in a parking lot at a store or a casino, I turn my LevelmatePro app on and slowly drive around areas where I might want to park looking for the most level spots. If I can’t find a completely level spot, I get the trailer level from side to side first.

My tips and tricks for leveling in parking lots or boondocking areas?

If I can’t find a perfectly level spot, I’ll settle for a side to side level but I always make sure to park with the front end of the trailer lower than the back. That way, I can adjust the front end with the tongue jack and get very level without even unhitching from the truck.

I just put my leveling blocks under the tongue jack and raise it up until my LevelmatePro says it’s level. Of course, if you’re way off level front to back you won’t be able to stay hitched unless you find a more level spot.

If the level is just a little off side to side, I’ll get my leveling blocks out and put one under each tire on the low side. Each block is one inch thick so if you need more than an inch lift, you’ll need more blocks.

I have been known to slowly creep around a casino lot looking for the most level spot. I eventually found it and didn’t even have to use any leveling blocks.

Tip: If you’re stopping for the night but staying hitched to your tow vehicle, make sure you unplug the power cord between the truck and trailer so your truck battery doesn’t get drained. Don’t forget to plug back in before you take off again in the morning.

What is the easiest way to level a camper?

Unless you dry camp and boondock a lot as I do, you’ll probably be pulling into a campsite and have very little control over the way you’ll need to park. You’ll have to work with what you’ve been given. If it’s so bad you can’t get level safely, ask to be moved.

In campgrounds, I just pull into my space, again using my LevelmatePro, and slowly pull along until I find the most level side to side spot in my site. If I need to use leveling blocks, I’ll do that. Then, if I’m going to unhitch, I do it at that point. After I unhitch, I level front to back using my tongue jack.

You should always level side to side first.

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Does my camper need to be leveled when stored?

Unless you plan to leave your refrigerator running during storage, you don’t need to level your RV when you store it for a short time. If you are storing your RV for a few weeks or more, leveling it is a good idea. It’s just better for the RV to be level and keep the stress off the components.

Can I just use a regular level?

Sure! I did that for a long time but it’s such a pain when you’re traveling alone to get in and out to check your level repeatedly. This just makes the process so much faster and easier.

Final Thoughts on LevelMate Pro and LevelMate Pro+

Leveling your RV is important for safety and stability. With LevelMate Pro, leveling your RV has never been easier! This innovative device makes it easy to tell if you are level quickly. If you have any questions or comments please let us know below in the comment section!

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