23 Perfect Gifts For RV Owners In Your Life

Perfect Gifts for RV Owners

The holidays will be here before you know it. Finding the perfect gifts for RV owners can be tricky. If you have an RVer on your gift-giving list here are some ideas to make your shopping much easier.

gifts for RV owners

RVers are generally concerned with space and weight. There’s only so much you can cram into a camper and an overweight RV is a safety issue. Choose items that are useful, functional, and take little space.

Best Gifts Under $25

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are a favorite of many RV travelers because they dry really fast, are made of natural cotton, and are compact for storage. They come in every color you can imagine and they are very generously sized.

Visited States Map

See my post on Visited State Maps for lots of information and options.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Having A Visited States Map

Insulated Hot Drink Cup

On travel days I really appreciate a hot drink after getting the RV ready to pull out in the morning. Having a cup that keeps my drink hot while I do what has to be done is essential, making these perfect gifts for RV owners.

Dish Towels

Absolutely necessary but fun towels can add to your decor and they don’t take up much space.

Pot and Glassware Protectors

When traveling around in your RV, your belongings move constantly and this wears on them eventually ruining the finish or worse, the item entirely. These protectors are placed between dishes, bowls, pots, and pans to keep them looking and working great.

Gift Ideas Under $100

Battery Charger and Tire Inflater

Practical items might seem like a dull gift but these would have ranked high on my wish list if I hadn’t already purchased them for myself.

Passport America Membership

The post below explains why I won’t be without a Passport America Membership. It lasts for an entire year and saves a ton of cash.

5 Reasons Why I Love My Passport America Membership

Harvest Host Membership

Another membership plan I absolutely adore. You simply pay an annual membership fee and you can camp overnight in a designated area of the host’s property. I’ve stayed at farms, wineries, and even a shooting range.

Outdoor Sand Free Camping Mat

A camping mat for your outdoor living area is an essential item. This particular mat is made to allow dirt and sand to seep through and not be tracked into your RV.

Annual National Park Pass

This is one of the best gifts for RV owners. This little card allows you to enter national parks for an entire year. It saves so much money on entrance fees it’ll pay for itself in no time. Every time the RVer in your life uses it, they’ll remember you fondly.

Gifts $100 and Up

Solo Stove

Solo Stove has become one of the go-to gifts for RV owners in recent years. Due in part to its ultra-efficient burn and very low smoke production. It is also sleek and lightweight.

Backup Camera

Backing a trailer or other giant RV is not an easy task, especially when you’re alone. Backup cameras make the task much easier.

Weber Q Portable BBQ

The Weber Q is without question, the most commonly mentioned and loved portable BBQ grill in the RV world. Reliable and durable. You can also have them plumbed into your onboard propane supply.

Levelmate Pro

I recently wrote an entire post about the Levelmate Pro. Check it out. Any RVer would love to add this amazing gadget to their RV.

Why I Love and Use LevelMate Pro

Countertop Ice Maker

I love my countertop ice maker. I use a lot of ice for smoothies and other beverages. This countertop ice maker makes 26 pounds of ice in just 24 hours. I keep mine stashed away but get it out every few days to replenish my ice stash.

Berkey Water Purifier

Arguably the best stand-alone water filtration system on the market. This system is absolutely beautiful and very effective at providing fresh, clean water. When you’re traveling water quality varies greatly. Sometimes it’s just not something I want to drink. With Berkey, you’ll always have consistently fresh, clean drinking and cooking water.

Magma Cookware

Originally created for boats Magma cookware is super high-quality cookware. It’s heavy but worth the weight. The handles are removable and the pots nest inside one another to save space.

Weboost Signal Booster

This handy device will boost your cellular signal (if there is one). I use one and it works.

Those are my top gifts for RV owners. These items would be great for any occasion. I use and have every item on this list with the exception of the Berkey. One day, I’ll have one of those too. Happy shopping!

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